Georgie in depth


Thanks for dropping by, I hope you stay a while in my world of craziness, please do not expect much in the way of brainpower lol, I use wordpress as a platform to create calm in my mind, possibly more of a diary 🙂

Creativity is a big part of my life, mostly out of necessity, but also curiosity and natural progression.
I spend a lot of time doing my favorite things:
Mandala Art & Henna, Sewing/Knitting/Crochet, Crafts and grass roots events.

And whenever the opportunity arises:

Home & Garden design, Furniture rejuvenation, decorating & home furnishings, photography, poetry…..

The list is long, I am not scared to try something new, I love to get stuck in and see what happens. As I have progressed I have come to realize I am based within the applied arts.

If you read from the beginning you can follow my two year rollercoaster journey through FdA Contemporary Art Practice, I am now using this year to boost my experience planning, executing and overseeing community art projects in order to progress through and complete Master of Arts- Art & Project Management with BCU.

I have been writing poetry for many years and I adore the way words can become art too.

I hope you enjoy following my Journey as much as I enjoy documenting it 🙂



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