Wednesday 9/9/15

Random spoon art continues….Today we took a day trip out to the Autumn Fair at the NEC. I found the experience incredibly eyeopening as the sheer wealth of artistry and products was beyond my expectations. The diversity of choice available to artists; in how they would aspire to create items from their ideas, was just amazing.

I enjoyed walking around the show, seeing how materials, art and ideas actually come together into product. I am such an eclectic artist that I find it difficult to commit to one media or style of work- so it was encouraging to see there was as much variety as there is in my head 😀 I spoke to several store owners who explained to me how they had produced their products and eventually sold and marketed them.

It is a realisation in itself to see that ART itself plays such a big part in marketing, sales and product design, I can only wonder as to how people can ask the standard ‘What will you do with an Art Degree?’ question. When you look around you, ART is everywhere, it is under your feet in the path, roads and railway tracks, the design is there for you to see, the buildings and open spaces are mostly ‘designed’ now too. Clothing, make up, home furnishings, toys, ornaments… the list goes on and on…ART is life, it is CREATIVITY that keeps the world changing and that is where innovation and concept come into full appreciation.

I spent a few hours, late afternoon, having a fiddle with photographs of my pasta serving spoon… and using corel photo shop to edit them, this produced some really pleasant results.



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