So I was thinking about our topic of ‘Home’ and how this relates to our work. As I often work within my home, with items that are mainly for the home, this subject really does mean a lot to me. I have created and recreated many things for my home , from making curtains to recovering chairs, from painting furniture to decorating walls and even taken it out into the garden where I find a hive of colours and materials, working mostly with reclaimed items/materials – I enjoy giving things a new lease of life and being individual.

My own home project this term is to finish recovering my lounge furniture, number one on my hit list are the very dated but comfortable mink armchairs. I had a quick go at reupholstering one and I am confident I can complete this task. Right now I am choosing new fabrics and gathering all the trims I will require. Home to me means not only comfort and love and all the emotions within it but also things like acceptance, self expression and the freedom to experiment.

Here I will add a few pictures showing my  ‘pet project’.

10469900_321979748009392_4710807765208514166_n This picture is from a loose cover set I made 2014, Here I made slip on covers for the two mismatched pouffes and the cushions on the chairs, the cushion cover is made from reclaimed pillowcase material and scraps left over from covers. I was pleased with the outcome but I wanted something more permanent.

Here is the original chair 12011184_10153539026220575_6296464026937702321_n    as you can see, there is nothing physically wrong with the armchairs, so they make a perfect reupholster project, I have managed to salvage some of the cord used in the original trim and out of pure necessity for an easy life…I am just recovering them as they stand, aside from removing obvious trims which will effect the final project the actual body of the chair is staying as it is. the first attempt is looking great : Note: I have only test covered this chair, it is not finished , but I considered this a practise run to see if I was capable of doing this job. In hindsight I discovered a hammer and tacks was far too much hard work , although perfectly  suitable for the task – a nail or staple gun would have been far faster. I have also invested in a hot glue gun for the trim as I did not want the risk of sharp tacks in easy to reach areas, so the actual finished product will be far more presentable I hope!

12003933_10153539026205575_6507990585838108899_n 12009560_10153539026255575_1571675967248305858_n

Athough I love the fabrics  the way these colours and designs blend together. At the moment I am looking at a pastel tapestry print fabric, as my lounge is primarily a ‘willow tree’ green base and I have incorporated  soft pastels into cushions and covers. Although I really enjoy the current ‘tartan with floral print’ fabrics I have used  I am fairly confident with 3 small children in my home, that this cotton fabric will not cope with every day wear and tear sufficiently enough to consider it as a viable option 😦 Sad times, however I love fabric shopping 🙂

The argument over the arm trims is in full swing- do we paint it out keeping the ‘wood’ effect, use black instead or do I instead trim it with a salvaged cord to give a less dated effect? …Answers on a postcard!

The final fabric I am intending to use will either be this or something very similar –

Pastel Rose tapestry fabric sold by Want Fabric via Amazon.co.uk


I think this will suit nicely 🙂


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