Ink on print…

Okay, here is something I have actually never, ever done!

Drawing with ink on newspaper.

This was a whole new experience and not being confident at all with my drawing and painting skills I was a little anxious over this… I rattled my brain for a while trying to debate what to draw…. I decided it should be relevant to the paper use so I sketched up a quick tree. Whilst the ink creates its own shading and artistic effect, and the fact the tree was quite a nice piece…. I realy was not happy that it was dramatic enough as a finished product. So I went off on a mission to try some other random drawings…

Firstly a rose- picture to follow

I still was not impressed

Secondly a portrait – picture to follow

and yes, it was awful and I remember my talents do not really lie here at all……

So being a girl who doesn’t really dwell on things that should get me down – I turned to my tarot cards for meaning and artistic inspiration – what a fine choice 🙂 My beautifully drawn deck of French designed ‘Tarot Favole’ illustrated by Victoria Frances’ did exactly what I asked of them & ‘Sota De Flores’ or the Knave of flowers, became my muse for a quick inky project….


Getting sidetracked for a moment ; I do love the artistry Of this deck , its Gothic inspired beautiful illustrations are full of sentiment, meaning and they have beautiful attention to detail that both inspires and entrances me. Although I enjoy the older, more traditional decks, this one truly speaks to me 🙂

And getting back to the task at hand ….

WP_20150916_16_17_05_Pro WP_20150916_16_16_59_Pro

The results are quite striking and I have deliberately left the drawing simple on this occasion, however I will be continuing work on this theme, so watch this space for updates !


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