Back ‘Home’

And the bombshell falls… 😀

The Assignment for the term has finally been released;

Produce a piece of Art to display in a small exhibition on campus. :/

With the topic still being ‘Home’ My brain is running around in circles, looking for an idea to grasp that appeals.

Honestly I really wanted to experiment with oil for this project …. Motor Oil that is … Why? Hmm.

Home to me, is a place where emotion, personalities, lives, energy & ideas collide. It’s a place where you are enveloped in the comfort of loved ones and secure in the knowledge that , whatever you do with your self and your life it will be accepted and embraced.

I love the visualisation of spilled oil, that wonderful mess of colour that is pooled within a black mass of non soluble liquid. Now imagine the ‘black mass of non soluble liquid’ is the security of your ‘Home’ the stability is not affected by any amount of water thrown at it….in order to defeat oil you must combine a huge amount of effort and products to break it down , in effect your home is a haven of safety which you know will stand plenty of attacks before it crumbles.

Now imagine the vibrant rainbow of colours created within the black oil, refracting light- reflecting light, colours swirling and colliding, becoming beauty …and that is a fantastically, vivid visual portrait of ‘Family’ within the ‘Home’ … If you follow me.

Now to find a jolly good excuse to get some oil in the studio 😀

Firstly though, We are tasked with experimenting with Photoshop and mixing digital and physical artwork together via scanners, cameras, photocopiers… I have already been playing with this for a while, so I did go ‘Yay, I must’ve seen this one coming’ 😀

So on I went, on a mission to try some different effects. I toyed with the idea of sticking with the pasta serving spoon and threw the idea away just as quickly, I am really beginning to despise this spoon 😀 Although I got some cool results like these :

Image1.31 Image1.2

And these:


embossed pasta spoon pattern

But I am not drawn to any of these pieces as impact art…

So, stood at the photocopier, I am flicking through my sketchbook and I stumble upon a random ‘Accidental’ art piece I created out of leftovers and waste products the last time I was messing with ink painting on newspaper….. So I have a moment and decide to photocopy that too, as I am here at the copy machine 🙂 and here it is :

Scan 4

I LOVE this ! I do not know why ? I love the textures embedded within the picture, I love the way this silhouette ended up doing a ‘Mary Poppins’ through the sky , over mountains and houses, and what I really , really love, Is that I did this entirely in a bid not to waste materials, it took me 3 minutes to create and I did not even think beyond sticking the general shape of a woman onto some newspaper . Et voila! Crazy one off art piece that actually suits this topic nicely 🙂 I am impressed, it takes a lot to impress myself , honestly!

So off I go to photoshop to have a fiddle and heres what I have so far….

Truth be told: this Gawdy Yellow piece I show first is my favorite, the impact, colour, I can feel the life in this picture it oozes energy and begs me to sit and stare at it … I am drawn to it.HOME FINISHED


Overall some rather cool effects. The last two pictures above are here simply to show effect, although I am really liking the striking appearance of the buildings- they really seem to jump out of these pictures, but I feel overall these two lack the vibrancy & feeling I am trying to inspire.

The only downside now is that I am not 100% happy with the silhouette of this poor woman who happens to be soaring through the night sky, at least not in any but the yellow piece, I will find a way to make it work  …. I’m thinking on it!


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