Time hop…

After an eventful start to the week, Tuesdays lessons were forgone as my husband had been rushed to A&E in the night, he was given the all clear, thankfully, but after a fun filled night, spent awake in a very depressing, minimally furnished but efficiently white room… I arrived home at 7.10am feeling like my brain was on Valium and unable to pry my eyes open. The experience wasn’t totally unfruitful mind,  I did shelf a thought on my ‘to-do-when-I-have-a-minute’ list in the ‘desperate things that need help to be beautiful’ section of my brain… The thought? Why are hospitals so decidedly depressing? If you weren’t feeling fantastic when you walked in – You were most decidedly comatose on the way out ! I do appreciate that it should be a calming environment, but there are better ways to calm people than bore them to sleep … just a thought lol.

Desperate not to miss out on any more tutor based time though, I headed into campus on Wednesday to continue my studies. I chatted with my ‘classmates’ , got the general idea of what I had missed and as I had already watched the slides passed over by Amanda the evening before, showing the works of Do Ho Suh and Cornelia Parker, I thought I had a grip… Yes, I know I should have known better! lol

I found the links informative and moving to watch, Do Ho Suh with his fantastic use of fabric in form was amazing, I love fabric and this has inspired me to think much bigger than I ever have when it comes to its uses and capabilities within artistic design.

Seoul Home – Do Ho Suh :

Seoul Home Do Ho Suh

Whilst Cornelia Parker had a wonderfully dramatic way of producing splendid art work with very basic ideas and a lot of personality. I especially enjoyed this :


‘Twenty years of tarnish’

– after 17 years with my husband I did laugh a little at the thought of all those unused and unappreciated wedding presents that may yet have a purpose 🙂

By Wednesday evening I was aware I had pushed myself too far and I became violently sick, partly exhaustion, partly shock from earlier in the week I think, but wholly avoidable – if I had only stopped to assess my situation before trying to work myself into the ground. We live and learn – Or not as my case stands… I carried on through Thursdays rota and then took myself along to the studio today , on my day off , just for good measure and to reassert my willingness to learn and make up lost hours from earlier in the week. I am glad I did though as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with Amanda in person and discuss the lesson I had missed on Tuesday. Now I really have a clue!

On realising I had managed to miss a link pertaining to William Kentridge, I went off  and did a little research to get myself up to speed , I found this on the great Google and I helped myself to a copy lol !

Wiiliam Kentridge 5 themes

William Kentridge, Five Themes.

What  beautiful imagery this has, the birds, the wires, the textures, It has a pull that draws me in and I cannot be sure if its sinister or foreboding or just desolation that it incites in me , perhaps its a mix of the three, either way it is a splendid work of art. Seeing these works and looking at the use of ink and charcoal.. I am still tempted to nick a little oil from the mechanics dept lol!

So here I start going back to the drawing board.. literally. Amanda talked through the reasoning behind filling my sketchbook with personal sketches , so I begin my sketching mission tomorrow – watch this space …

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