Firstly, please consider that sketching and drawing are not my forte 😀

Secondly I don’t even draw sensible stuff when I do actually pick up a pencil, usually its cupcakes, funny cartoon images of animals or people or landscapes for the kids and I very rarely take anything seriously –

Bearing these things in mind, I’ve been on a mission to draw , not only sensible everyday items… but in a sensible way too! After a few attempts I seem to have a grip….

First a massive drawing of a titchy button…not to sure on this I have definitely not got the angles quite right….


Next up some little plastic safety pins I use for crochet projects….WP_20150919_21_20_08_Pro

I actually like this, they look very good on paper 😀

Mind you, they are a very simple design without too much frill, perhaps I will spill a load of these out and use these, I don’t think I can mess these up!

Then I got a bit adventurous…. Now I, like many sewers, collect things (buttons, pins, odd bits of scrap fabric, ribbons..), and for the little things I like those tiny one person jam jars, which, luckily for me, Mum saves for me as she has a big jam fetish !  So I have a fair collection of these going on ….


Cute, but non the less, insanely difficult to draw! I bit the bullet, scooped one up and rearranged the items inside….Here is what I drew from it:


again angles all off … it cannot be this difficult! So I tried an empty jar…


Not so bad. But I realise I somehow forgot to add depth ? I do not know why :S , It is on the to -do list to fix.

Then I got all enthusiastic, and went off to draw a pair of scissors here they are,


After drawing the scissors though, I was fairly sure I had an actual grip – so I went on and added in some more things to the picture, combining all my little sewing things into one picture ;


I can see my angles are still fairly dodgy, but I think this is a workable picture 🙂

I am looking forward to trying it on a bigger sheet , I think this would make a nice ink or charcoal image now. I will photocopy some nice fabric and then add the sketch onto the printed background though just to add a little depth and maybe aid my perspective, bear in mind though the things I added into the picture above were from memory and it wasn’t a laid out ‘still life’ I do not believe this is unworthy of a little praise, so I will pat myself on the back and try again tomorrow 🙂


So I took my image to photoshop and had a play, I found it very therapeutic after a hectic weekend 🙂 I am very pleased with the results , I have two results I am very happy with :

Sewing scene 1 Sewing scene 4

I love the carbon copy feel of the inverted image, it really jumps out against the blue background, the metallic feel of the scissors and I love the  effect it had on the dressmaking pins …

The colour image is great too, I have the added depth and feel The buttons look great and the picture is very warm and real. 🙂


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