Back to the drawing board…

So today we were given the breakdown of the workload and the deadline for completion…I have to say, it certainly is intimidating looking at it as a whole, but upon breaking it down its clear to see that more or less we have covered most of the areas already and it is simply a case of expansion and a lot more writing!

I am getting fairly brave with paintshop/photoshop now and I feel I need to focus more on the sketching side, unwilling to go back to a sketch pencil I decided I would  do some more charcoal sketching, which I really enjoyed. I have to admit that I am okay with drawing as long as its simple shapes and I don’t put too much detail in. I was fairly impressed with my charcoal bust sketch I knocked up this afternoon in the studio ….


It came out really well, Although I see now that my perspective is a little off ( her top is set about 2 cm too high! ).

I chose to reuse some otherwise waste paper, which was ink stained from using it as a backing piece whilst I was Ink painting, it ended up having a satisfactory effect in the finished image.

Then, as I do , I got home and started messing around with paintshop .. and tried the layering effect with this and my previous sewing scene sketch

bust layer

I really like this result 🙂 Both sketches are edited using paintshop and then layered with varying opacity, I enjoy the blending of the two works and as both are from Primary sources, (and mostly from memory of actual objects), I am confident this piece is 100% original with no outside influence.

The bust itself is dressed in fabric reclaimed from last years students, someone had used it as decoration on the ceiling in the hut next door, as the new occupants were not interested I took it away to my salvage box 🙂 I do enjoy collecting unwanted items and using them elsewhere , I feel it gives my projects more meaning.

Anyway, I was uncomfortable having a naked dressmakers bust in the room so I quickly threw together a make shift outfit for ‘her’ to wear.

Note: I also have an uncanny ability to personify everything I come across :/ I’m honestly not sure if this is good or bad but it is a natural talent either way 🙂

Finally after a very long winded explanation the bust is now in our ‘ hut’ showcasing a ‘quick fix’ ensemble…


Well, her dignity needed preserving! Not that I am a prude but it is all about ‘context’ .And I was thinking that my ideas tend to be more free flowing, in the sense of I just jump from one thought to another without a clear understanding of quite how I got there but then logically, at least to me after a bit of thought,  it is obvious.

Lets follow a train of thought in my head,it goes something like this :

  • I need to create a piece of art with the subject being ‘Home’
  • I know my upholstery project would fit in there I’ll blog that…
  • Oh, wait, we need to draw stuff?
  • I drew a pasta serving spoon 🙂
  • I could photoshop it
  • I better draw something else
  • My home is a bit odd … what else could I draw,
  • oh wait theres some sewing stuff, sewing= fabrics, furnishings, interior design = home
  • while I am looking through pictures I see a picture of old furniture I have upcycled…
  • Oh that looks homely, I’ll draw that too…

At some point I stumble across an old photo of a child in a box… well some people live in boxes? Kids = home…. so I wing it and sketch that up ….

WP_20150921_23_32_02_Pro WP_20150921_23_39_43_Pro

I decided the child should not be on his own in the box; Family = home too ! So I was grateful he was in the box in the right position to add him a playmate in 😀

See the total chaos that is my way of thinking yet? Haha.


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