Inspirational Artists & styles

I had a thought that, perhaps, it might be insightful to give you a feel for what actually inspires me, in an artistic sense.

Inspiration comes from so many sources that sometimes the mind boggles as to how much information one brain can actually soak up.

I was perusing round Facebook, when I saw this post :


with the statement :

“Via Hubble: The cosmic “ice sculptures” of the Carina Nebula. Scientists are still trying to explain the beautiful spires. A nebula from Latin: “cloud” is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally, nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.”

Now, I like all other artists, collect things that inspire them… So quite subconsciously, I ‘collected’ this picture… Then, when my concious brain had caught up, I thought I would note why this ‘speaks to me’ along with some other random things that do the same.

I looked at this picture and the visual acoustics sang to me, they sang of beauty and nature, serenity and structure. I read the little caption and was actually quite surprised to find this was actually a physical platform in space…WOW! Just wow…

I see peoples comments and comments are left

 “Looks like they found Heaven”. -Quote taken directly from Facebook comments.

I thought, Yeah – Beauty + Nature  + Structure + Serenity = Heaven – It must do, at least this is my interpretation of what ‘Heaven’ should be.

Then I see things like this :


Source : Photograph taken today, my myself, of a paint(?) Splodge on the studio windowsill….

Its a bird. Can you see its a bird?

a very quick sketch in paintshop and here you go… one bird lol :


So , thus far we have nature and surroundings in my ‘Inspirational’ folder…

Then there is obviously work by other people, artists/architects/designers… mostly I love colour, imagination and creativity to be shown within those perimeters..

I found this on Google and ‘collected’ it :


Fairy houses, aren’t they the cutest! Something simple, recycled and easy and fun to do with the kids on rainy days, but also useful if you would like a little night light, simply pop an LED candle in and ‘Hey Presto!’ Things like this make me go…”Why didn’t I think of that?” 😀

Then there are more random things like….


Now this piece of loveliness, brings forth feelings like Sensuality as she is so beautifully adorned with nature, make up and beautiful textures, highlighted with colour and confidence oozes out of the image, Loneliness too though, she seems lost and or longing for something, her eyes betraying her image of strength & Serenity , for all she seems a little forlorn , she is quite deep in thought and unperturbed by the emotion… at least on her surface..

Now I mentioned before that I adore Do Ho Suh and his amazing fabric use…

But I also love this :


Yeah, now I love my ancient Singer sewing machine, poor old gal that she is, but this piece of work… well I can only hope to have the patience to do something like this, I’ll bet it took forever!

Artists that inspire me include Van Gogh , I love ‘The Mulberry Tree’


Van Goghs’  illusion of texture and depth is fascinating.

‘Van Gogh painted The Mulberry Tree in October of 1889 less than a year before he would die. Like most of his art, it was done during a period of highs and lows painted during a time of great self-awareness and yet surrounded by chaos’

-Excerpt from script on Van Gogh Gallery – direct link:

Along with Van Gogh I enjoy Art Deco ….

Images like this :


I think mainly its the boldness of the Art Deco style that entices me.. strong colour, definite shapes and a mix of humour and glamour….


But what about Imaginative imagery :


Fantastic, I love a piece that pushes the boundaries of reality and this definitely does that 🙂 I also enjoy Sepia tones in artwork, it is a lovely warm, calming effect that I find soothing.

Then theres the downright bizarre:


Now confess, You saw a tooth turned into a pirate skull? I did… Then I realised its an optical illusion! Go on look closer…. Yes,  it is in fact two astronauts stood in front of a planet/moon. Well, that made me think …Isn’t it amazing what a bit of shading can do 😀

I have no idea who to give credit to for this image, I found it on ‘The Great Google’, I know it was posted on Gail Walters Pinterest Page  with a note saying’ Found on’  but the link did not work to get further information 😦 What a shame.

Maybe this gives you a better idea about me , or not, but I enjoyed writing this blog either way 🙂 There are plenty more things that ‘tickle my fancy’ and I will probably keep updating as time goes on, are you not thrilled by that prospect?  😀


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