Printing Experiments

There are lots of Print Artists about, making a healthy living from this media… Artists Like:

Ben Rider
“Benjamin Rider, a renowned print technician at Print Club London, is a London-based illustrator and graphic designer who specialises in various print techniques including an unconventional process such as Cyanotype printing which is regularly used by engineers and architects to create blueprints. His time-served expertise in print together with his sense of humour then results in a memorable series of eye-catchy prints” .



Philip Huntington, also known as Dogboy, is a graduate from Camberwell College of Arts who often- incorporates screen print and digital methods together. A series of his detailed and fantastical illustrations is a result of his close observation and experiments in anthropomorphic worlds. Currently, he is part of Dark Matter Collective where he produces limited edition screen prints, drawings self-published zines and numbers of ephemera.”


Both of these artists inspire me with the use of shapes and colours within the designs and I can see this is a healthy business to be in, creating new techniques for documentation, logo design …. techniques used every day even down to fabric and wallpaper design.

I had a chance to jump in and try some Mono Printing… I enjoyed the results immensly and will definately use this technique more in the future, I got results Like this one :


A very simple sketch of my Scissors, which I think are going to play a big part in my final ‘Home’ piece. Made very interesting with a fabulous texture effect, bold colour & strong lines.

Also this week I happened across some fabric paints, yay! Then it occured to me I coud use my mono print stencil and try it with fabric , what a good idea!


I love that the outlines have shaded themselves and the over all effect is more subtle than with acrylic paint on paper.

It means more to me that instead of just being wall hung art to admire, this fabric print could actually become textiles within a wealth of environments. I have so many ideas pop into my head when I look at this piece; Should I perhaps quilt it ? What would happen if I used fabric crayon to shade it more? Should I turn it into a textile piece for the ‘Home’? Should I add more print to it… the list goes on.

I tried a little stitch experiment too , with just the simple outline of the scissors, and I really enjoyed the texture and feeling it produced especially when I added a little trim to the blades, (Picture below: middle image)

Then I sketched out the scissors over a lighter ‘accidental print’ as when I printed originally I had the fabric folded over so I got a nice outline go through to the other side, I used fabric crayons for this effect, which is bold, colourful and striking as an individual piece.(Picture below: image far right)


Also in this picture (far left) is the polystyrene stencil I used to produce all of the print designs. I feel it still has purpose yet, so I am not parting with it!

I also did a very quick stencil with a ‘city’ scene on it, I will add pictures as I am able. I deliberately styled the design from a younger childs perspective, it s important to me that children are a big part of my ‘Home’ and I wanted to produce an image that would appeal to their age group as well as my own.

Overall I am very pleased with all the art I have achieved through the printing media, I enjoy colour play and texture and I feel that my art is definitely more ‘Practical’ and less ‘Digital’ or ‘Fine art’ orientated. Although I am more than happy to continue with all media, hands on with materials is definitely where my heart lies!


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