A Little Research – Online 25-27th Sept ’15

Unable to get to the library as I had planned this weekend, I sit instead full of head cold with a pile of tissues growing by my side, I am disappointed, but as I myself suffer with a weak immune system, I cannot, with a clear conscience take my germ riddled self, out into the space of the general public. Que Cera!

So I instead embark on a mission to find some further information and I use the internet to enlighten me a little more on artists that have helped contemporary art become what it is today,  I look up Albert ‘Al’ Hirschfield  – A caricaturist – Now as I believe I am less of a fine artist and more abstract – this sort of style appeals to me. I enjoy the humorous take on life, the notion that perspective , truly does come from within ourselves as artists.

I read quotes documented from Matisse like

” At last, I don’t know how to draw”

– after Matisse as produced stunning work via Decoupage, And this leaves me to reconsider whether my accidental decoupage work ”Homeward bound” could really be a contender for the frame come exhibition time! Up to now I have been living in the belief that I should provide explanation for my work, how very naive of me, and after trawling the internet for 16 hours over the last 3 days,  I am seeing that ‘art’ itself rarely requires anything more than to be itself. That the whole purpose of art is to give the audience a way to use their own perspective and decide if the piece speaks to them, as it does me.

Marcel DuChamp uses ‘ready-mades’ and throws caution to the wind, leaving quotes such as

“Anything can be art, so long as an artist says it is”.-Duchamp.

I see more and more truth come out as I dig further; Art is simply what it is.

Marina Abramavic – Uses her own body within the imagery. Literally taking herself out into nature and becoming one with it… Inviting people to come sit and stare at her, then pushing her limits even further and, taking her art, she creates video games and uses the internet and its progression to take this one stage further to be, display and become art within web based social game ‘Second Life’. She tested people to the limits with exhibitions of herself, in real time, torturing & abusing herself  ‘in the name of art’  – Now while I appreciate, and indeed admire, the sheer level of commitment this lady has to expanding her audiences minds and indeed the creative and shocking ways she does it, I cannot say I am likely to be the next Marina Abramavic.

As I watch documentaries like Understanding Contemporary Art, I stumble across adverts for galleries eg; Garage, opening, not only to display Contemporary art but to immerse people in it and give them the opportunity to become artists themselves. And this fascinates me, I would love to be a part of this type of Gallery!

I hear artists like Jeff Koons say

“I  felt like an outsider to the art world” – Jeff Koons direct quote from ‘Diary of a Seducer” Link above.

“Personally, I’d rather break my arm by falling off a platform than spend n hour in detached contemplation of a Matisse. We’ve become blind from so much seeing. Time to press up against things, squeeze around, crawl over – not so much out of a childish naivety to return to the playground, but more to acknowledge that the world begins to exist at the limits of our skin and what goes on at the interface between the physical self and external conditions doesn’t detach us like the detached glance” –Robert Morris in a letter to Tate curator Michael Compton in 1971.


“In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art”.-Sol LeWitt, 1967

Both latter quotes from Documentary ‘Understanding Contemporary Art’- Link provided above.

My research this weekend, has left me more confident about myself as an artist. It has allowed me to see the chains I have wrapped myself in, with my own ideological and stereotypical views on what art should be…. And yet I did not think I was so encumbered with restraints? It was so. I have shed the belief that art requires a purpose and instead embraced the notion that art can be in any form, use any media or platform and that moreover, the truth within myself and how I display it- becomes my art.


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