To Sketch, or not to sketch?

I sketch… Just because practise makes perfect, at least I hope so 😀

Sticking with the ‘Home’ theme I’ve drawn up a few different sketches … The first needs a little tweaking, I am still unhappy with the chairs proportion although the perspective is much better than I hoped for 🙂 I was aiming for a little perspective practise with just my lounge furniture, until my 5 yr old girl decided she needed the chair at the same time I did ! I love that I was able to incorporate her into the sketch though, it gives the space more meaning. I will stick with the sketch as I would like this to stay a drawn piece with no other technique involved.

Home is where the heART  is.

‘Home is where the heART is’

Next up I tried to sketch a door simply entitled ‘ Come on in’


again the perspective is slightly off but I am happy to mess with this in paintshop in order to progress it further. I am pleased with the principal of this – It makes a statement.

The third ‘ A glimpse outside’ takes the home and inverts it, looking from inside out through the keyhole,


I’m really unsure about this but I will experiment further as it has potential.


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