A little randomness

Onward and upward the fun continues, lets have some fun with ….. Photography.

Off I go to take some random photos of my home , its contents and the world around me…….

Nice old records, lovely picture ! Will go in my ‘Good backdrops’ Folder lol 🙂

Rejuvenated furniture = A nice bedroom scene, a lovely old telephone table I ‘upcycled’ It was painted with high black gloss & reupholstered with purple satin fabric. This has since gone to a new home but I love this picture.

A photograph I took awhile ago of a flower display I made for Easter. I love the textures in this picture 🙂

An honorary aunt, showcasing a hat as we were downsizing her for a house move…

Random pictures of the outside of my house, one showing my youngest child on the doorstep, the second showing my arty work in the garden… well home is where the hearth is lol, Im currently looking for a ‘Forest Flame’ Which is a beautiful foliage plant with red leaves, it rather lends itself to the image of ‘fire’ eventually this will sit in front of my hearth to create an outdoor fireplace 🙂

On the whole, photography is an excellent way to collect media with which to draw ideas from, backgrounds, imagery, the world around us and the things we dont always see with the bear eye- blighted by weather/preconceptions/distractions, its much easier to see the bigger picture in a photograph. Time stands still and allows us to peruse at our leisure. I find these images inspire me, in one way or another.

My hallway is my favourite picture of home, I love the warm welcoming colours, the life and energy it portrays – I painted & decorated my home, myself, It is my haven – A collection of random things that make me smile. Things that I see that make me glad to be home, be that pictures of loved ones, happy pictures or trinkets and a few choice words – I love wall quotes 🙂


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