A little more randomness ….

So another place of arty inspiration for me would be make up and body art- Now this takes art to a totally new level for me, certainly its modern and contemporary in my eyes.

I know it drew me in completely and caught my attention when I watched the NYX Face Awards 2015 ! I am totally addicted now, I was bewildered by the talents of the 6 finalists, let alone the numerous thousands that did not make it that far. the dedication to not only producing art – sometimes hours spent literally sticking things to their foreheads – but also showcasing it on themselves, with make up and other more imaginative ideas previously only a special effects idea in my own mind, linked to movies, in those gory horror films we all grew up on.

These artists have totally blown my mind. I know that art takes many many forms and I really find this so beautiful, entrancing and such a powerful expression of ‘self’ that the very idea of ‘Art’ & how it is portrayed, produced, displayed, appreciated and is much  part of life as the air we breathe , really blew me away.

Here is the link, for anyone interested in a glimpse at the annual Nyx Face Awards – Blog

The Live Final 2015  , NYX Live Final

Totally worth the watch, but I warn you, have a box of tissues handy!


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