Ink or charcoal?

Charcoal , ink, oil pastels…. choice so many choices lol 😀

Charcoal pasta spoon
Charcoal pasta spoon
charcoal image 'Long walk Home'
charcoal image ‘Long walk Home’

Overall, I enjoy trying new media, between ink and charcoal I find I am drawn more to charcoal – I love the ‘ambiguous’ effect you can achieve, the messiness, the detail without detail… I think of Art as a fairly messy business and working with charcoal pastels I am drawn into a washy ‘arty’ world where everything just makes sense.. Ink on the other hand I find needs more explanation, detail and effort, it can be just as messy but in a totally different way. I cannot get the same ‘textural’ feel from ink and I find it a flat media, I would like to try ink painting or printing onto a textured paper or fabric ( it is on my to do list).  I do really like the effect of ink over charcoal so I want to try this more 😀 – ( Pops into studio after hairdressers appt in morning and looses 3 hrs messing with arty stuff in the corner lol!).

I went back to the charming pasta serving spoon, I love the charcoal drawing -I feel it is the most attractive actual physically sketched piece I’ve done yet with this spoon as the centrepiece.

The landscape picture I do enjoy but I haven’t quite made it zing yet, I used some oil pastels to add a little depth and warmth to the picture – this worked well, I just need more practise!


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