Home coming !

Just a little bit off tangent…

My fabrics arrived this week to make a start on my daughters prom skirt! How exciting??

I was so keen to see the fabrics together and gauge how they will work I had to take an hour time out and pin it together, albeit in a rough fashion, this morning 🙂

Now I know it is not strictly project related, but prom is about the move into adulthood and perhaps the start of thoughts of my daughter creating her own life and home, and indeed, possibly signifies massive changes within our family home, so whilst its a bit odd, it does relate in my mind, if only vaguely!

WP_20151008_001 WP_20151008_002 WP_20151008_003

As you can see, I have gathered the skirt quickly to see how the fabrics will cope, its working quite well… As my daughter is going with ‘Gothic Steampunk’ This will be quite a frilly, full skirt with gathering and such like…For the moment I am only trying to create a working skirt as my daughter rather has her heart set on pairing it with a lovely leather buckled steampunk corset !

I adore the fabric colours and textures and I am happy the fabrics will behave the way I want them too – which is a nice bonus. I have a net fabric underneath for body, followed with a black satin anti static and finished with a rich satin in red. I also have a piece of shimmery chiffon should the need arise to add a little more depth 🙂

For anyone who is unsure of the term ‘steampunk’ Its sort of a Victorian/Pirate mix , It is mostly feminine but in a (very) vintage way and is quite effective as far as pazazz goes !

I have collected some examples from the great Google below are images and the links they pertain too :


Victorian Steampunk above


Steampunk skirt- Ebay above


Pinterest Steampunk dress above


The corset my daughter is debating

and finally a far more risque buckled affair below ….


Steampunk costume above.

Whilst this is inappropriate at present for my daughters age & the context in which it is being used , we do enjoy the belt effect within the skirt detail, so this is hopefully going to be incorporated into the final design.


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