Looking for inspiration….

I spend my allotted work time this weekend, searching for a new angle on this topic. I am lost , I draw random things ….

looking to change my perception … I sketch this image quickly :


This appears to me to be an energetic , utterly random accidental piece that I am totally utterly smitten by; My logic H – Security , walls , safety, shelter, O – Sustenance and growth, M – Warmth and peace and E – Comfort, love, belonging…

The second drawing, equally as random yet again full of an energy I cannot control : A levitating table! My mind takes a stroll as to how a psychologist would view this image; A freehand, scatty drawing showing, (I hope), the chaotic, comfortable place that is my home, although entirely fictional this scene rather makes me happy and whilst it lacks colour – it definitely has energy in spades


I decide I should navigate back to my world of comfort , I am textiles and creation rather than pencil and paper, so I pick up my Tunisian crochet hooks and crochet a house…Why? You may well ask, I don’t know exactly , more than to say I wanted to feel more at ease with my media. I have to say I was slightly unimpressed with its fairly lifeless outcome but It may yet prove useful so into my bag it went to take to the studio tomorrow 🙂


Feeling a little disheartened, I go into my place of ACTUAL security, writing poetry! I do so enjoy words 🙂 This fell out of my head, into my Whatsapp conversation with the girls :

Four walls, windows, a door and a roof, a home it will be!

But yet without joy and laughter, can it be all we see?

Lets throw in some furniture, flooring and paint,

Is it now homely? Comfortable? Quaint?

Add love in abundance to warm up the place,

To spread through the walls and add energy to space.

Now this I like, and I think… Why not build a house with words? I can do that 🙂


Not quite what I was after, but still a good idea, then I think bigger…much much bigger :


Aha! Now I have an A2 ish sized house to write on! Genius, Individual pages , charcoal rubbing onto handmade paper made a beautiful textured effect and I added windows and a door, just because… a perfect canvas to write words on- Only now, I’m scared to ruin it :/ Then it wouldn’t fit in the photocopier- that was a disappointing moment – Still there is time to get it scanned and try digital media 🙂 Amanda commented it was a little dark with too much black and so I reversed my windows and doors and did coloured chalk rubbings instead,


🙂 Much better – Off to the scanner with it tomorrow I hope!


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