An afternoon with printer ink.

Printer Ink and charcoal, my two new friends 🙂 I have been on a mission today – I will produce a wildy energetic, colourful piece that says home in a beautiful way – even if I end up looking like a rainbow to do it 😀

I start with the pre-prepared sketches…..


is redrawn onto A3 and becomes this :


The bold, bright colours inspire me – I redrew my scissors, buttons and safety pins from my sewing scene, I deiberately sketched them in charcoal and left them messy, cut them out & painted them with watered down ink, I have such a wealth of colours at my disposal with these inks, I am totally addicted! WP_20151013_17_09_45_Pro

After the inky colourwash dried, they curled up somewhat, I enjoyed the effect so much, I decided to glue them to an A3 sheet in exactly that way so they physically look to be peeling themselves off the page. The colours, whilst bold and definite, give this picture a feeling of life – I intend to paint the backing sheet and reattach the pieces.

I sketched a quick doodle of an old fashioned telephone from my house. , photocopied it,  and ink painted it :


And randomly mounted it onto an A3 sheet I had previously printed tiny little photocopies of my Singer sewing machine sketch. Contrast 🙂

Then I decided to go freestyle, well- life is for living!


Wow! Pat myself on the back, Okay the little house is a bit squiffy – but Its so Bam , look at me! The trees have completely come out the way I hoped they would and believe me; they will creep away with me and turn up in future works! I have en-captured the feeling I went for, a romantic almost idealistic view of home, the long path to it and the world around it, you want to dance along it and go home.

Today was a good day 🙂


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