The deadline is fast drawing upon me and I am feeling a little lost and insecure with my art thus far. I have no idea which piece to display in a frame, I have no idea what message I wish to convey, my sewing room scene feels a little too prissy & guarded to be an actual piece of art I want to show on a public level.

I am floundering in the water. I keep trying new things hoping I will stumble upon epiphany. And then I do! and here is the very photograph I took to capture it:


Okay perhaps not the actual picture, I did take about 9 different shots to allow room to explore angles and effects ๐Ÿ™‚ But you get the idea, this dolls house, has been sat on the patio in my back yard for about 2 months, discarded by my daughter when it snapped and I did not have the heart to burn it in the fire pit. Now I was staring out of the patio doors and BAM! I thought wait a minute – Instead of portraying a lovely well maintained comfortable home – I could turn this whole thing on its head and really make a statement. This is what happens when home is not respected, cared for, maintained. This is the message I want to share.

Frantically I sketch it out but it still lacks the pizazz I am after, I go instead to paintshop pro, and I really go to town.

Ruined home - Fresh pastels

Its got the statement but lacks the oomph! ย It needs more colour?

Ruined home - Instant film

The word insipid come to mind, boring! Oh wait – Neon?? That could work…

Ruined home - Neon

I think I just went blind, that is definately far too much colour, the energy and movement makes me feel a little quesy to be entirely truthful. I begin again and instead take the colour away , cyanotype and a glass overlay gives a very sombre effect., I am not so sure, I do not want melancholy to bleed from this picture and I seem to have managed it fairly well with the grey lifeless tones, this is displaying

Ruined home- Cyanotype glass overlay

Sepia ? why? No, just no. Its dreary, beyond lifeless, this is well into zombified ๐Ÿ˜ฆRuined home- Sepia

Almost without care, I use a random selection of overlays and effects, I am unmoved and artists block is truly getting to me, my youngest daughter is watching, declaring that it does not look pretty and it needs more yellow! I click through several more effects and then, just like that, the result I wanted was just there ๐Ÿ™‚ Finished and done :

Ruined home - ART!!!

The greys and sombre blues are gone, the harsh lines and form are replaced with haphazard informal shapes. The home is fragmented and almost dream like, plunged into an alternate reality. The vibrant colours are muted and show a wonderfully dispersed energy amidst the chaotic nature. This is exactly the result I have been searching for ๐Ÿ˜€


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