While I was flailing… Fabric Art

Textiles being one of my typical outlets, although usually in more coherent form, such as a dress or furnishings. Amanda suggested I perhaps consider using fabric over an existing sketch, being me I went the whole hog and instead of attempting to incorporate fabric into a picture, I used fabric to create it.


Whilst I do not find the results totally dissatisfying, Its not an idea I wish to pursue at this point, I find it genuinely boring. I have changed the background snake print to a bold blood red and this did help a little with improving its overall effectiveness. I have yet to stitch the pieces together as I am entirely unsure if I want to keep them in the correct places or whether to use the pieces to create something different. This needs a lot more consideration , it needs to evolve and until I am sure how best to display it, it will remain in my studio. I am confident that I will stumble across an answer.

Update : Then I found an answer ! Its vibrant, bold, colourful, energetic and it has meaning 😀

Mae do and mend


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