Drumroll please….

Okay, Drafts on our Essay and a Powerpoint presentation arte due in tomorrow, I am super thankful I made time to start my essay a few weeks in advance now, because getting past 1500 words took me ages!

I am not sure I have written it in the correct manner, or that it contains everything that it is supposed to, but in my mind it reads easily, clearly has a beginning, middle and an end, which i feel is a bonus.

As the deadline approaches I am utterly bewildered as to what I am doing, The nerves are getting to me and I am holding on to my make believe grip for dear life! lol ๐Ÿ˜€

I am confident I have done what is needed but my inner insecurity is niggling at me. I want tomorrow to be over.

Still needing to sort out the final bits of the Big Draw lesson, but unsure of so many factors, I am waiting to see Matthew and Julieth tomorrow. I am looking forward to a paper quilling workshop, perhaps more for my own amusement, I do enjoy it as a hobby and have not practised it for a while.

Reflecting on this last 2 months is so emotionally and mentally draining, I cannot believe how much we have achieved in such a small amount of time. ย The amount of research that is stashed on my pc, in my head, stored for later is immense and this is only the surface we are skating on. When the ice melts we will be neck deep in information and I have a need to learn to swim in case I should drown.

I have gone from being a ‘ non drawer’ to sketching some decent stuff, I have become so much more capable and artistic than I thought myself capable of, I have seen others in the group emerging from their cocoons of self-doubt too. I am ever grateful for the support of the group and the tutors, and indeed my family, who randomly get subjected to random speeches and vigorous verbal dialogues detailing the life work of Rodin, Matisse or Gogh! I am becoming a fanatic, I find it easier to comprehend things if I have voicd them verbally, in discussing or vocalising the things I have researched – I can better untangle them from other thoughts in my head and I find they imprint on a much deeper scale.

I really hope tomorrow brings good humour and wish everyone good luck for draft day! I am really looking forward to getting some feedback now, so I know where I stand. ๐Ÿ™‚


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