A day spent with the camera.

I took in the doors of my dishelleved dollhouse today after Matthew suggested they may have potential. I am really glad I did as it was fun having a photoshoot and getting more practise with the camera and software. I took many pictures that have real potential :

This was a joint photo shoot, but then I guess you can tell 😀

Marie ‘Mim’ bought Pepper Penguin along and we shared the studio for an hour 🙂 Always better to have a little company isn’t it, and let’s face it, its lovely to have such a happy fluffy soul in the studio, and Pepper was good fun too 😀

So Pepper got a little bored waiting for her turn and she is quite inquisitive, there were some little spiders running around my dolls house doors, that were worth investigating 😉

As you can see though we got some really nice shots from our time in the studio : even nice solo pics of Pepper :

Pretty Pepper.
Pretty Pepper.
My Turn :D
My Turn 😀

It was a really enjoyable chance to get to grips with the camera and how to download pictures from it. It took me a while, having an addled mummy brain, thank heaven for Mim having a clue else I would probably still be there trying to save the files LOL! Thank you Mim xx

Now off I go to Photoshop to see how we can make these shots really zing 😉


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