Do I need to do more?

Sat here at a loss, I cannot shake the feeling that something is missing – I am definitely not content with the thought I have done enough. Something is swooshing around in my brain and not forming itself into an actual thought! How utterly frustrating :/

I spent an evening this week playing with collage, which I did not fair to well at! To my mind at least, I am incapable of making this method work in a pleasant way. I am drawn to the conclusion , that in my mind I am incapable of ‘letting go’, in that if I am trying to create a picture that makes you go; ‘Well that’s great, its a bunch of grapes on a plate with some Irish dancers in the background’ whilst your accompanying friend says ‘It looks like a couple of goldfish to me, and look they are ordering take out from the local anemone’ –  then I’ve hit the nail on the head, unfortunately when I am trying to portray a scene which somehow makes people feel or think of home, I’m missing the point entirely. This definitely is not one of my strengths.

I did fall upon this idea though, which was fun, if only a little difficult to do!, I broke it down in my head again, Home = Bricks & words, words we all associate with home and written on individual bricks…built up in a house shape..simple? LOL

Only I would make it look difficult, I took a long 30 minutes of my night placing each of the bricks in order so I could work out the arrangement. Whilst sticking them down though, I kept breathing! A very inconsiderate habit I need to break, especially as, when I breath out , bricks are blown about and I again had to sit reordering them 😀 It took ages and came out a little squiffy but it actually turned out as a charming piece.


I am drawn back to fabrics, I debate the pro’s & cons of building a fabric ‘house’ – it would have its uses after the display period, I’m pretty sure a travel size, fold up, doll house would have my 5 year old daughter smitten & it is fabric with a practical use which I like… But then it has been done so many times and is pretty much a mission I do not have time to complete. I need plastic inserts; which I do not have time to source, along with several other things I do not have to hand – I need to leave this project for another time and think a lot on how to make it individual when I obviously have to follow some sort of redrawn pattern- being as I am still a fairly novice sewer.

I am now thinking pot holder, I can probably run up a few of these, which would make fantastic Christmas presents too! (Because there are only 58? days til Chrimbo.. YAY! lol) – I have some interfacing and plenty of scrap fabric and, as they are relatively easy to sew I will not need a pattern at all. If I chose some plain fabric and printed onto it before I started I would have individual items that are not using anyone else’s designs at all. The other bonus here is that pot holders are fully able to go in a frame and again, have a fully practical use once the frame is removed. I will start and piece together all the materials tonight 🙂 After all, what is a home without a kitchen 😉

Off I go to start my new mission 😀


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