Pots & Pans.

Well, further to my last post, I have a completed pot holder!


Intending on doing 3 square mats,  I began with scrap fabric from my hoard. The 1st is appliqué and the choice of colour really suits it, I deliberately left all the stitching visible and disorganised as I wanted quaint and handmade.

The second house is a fabric crayon drawing which I proceeded to quilt – the third is a reverse print I created when I ironed the fabric crayon set, which I then embroidered.

Looking at the three together I appreciated the ‘street’ effect and decided instead of having 3 small squares,  I would make one oblong instead; as I have rectangle lasagne dish it would be suitable for, this seemed most practical.

I hid some deeper meaning in this design, the word ‘Home’ is only used to address the middle house – because of an old song :“Our House” – Madness, Released November 1982, which was swimming around my head while I stitched.- Also the front door on this house has a bespoke heart shape on it – “Home is where the heart is” 🙂

The last house has almost regal windows and door styles, I did this because an ‘English mans home, is his Castle’. Whilst the first house represents the energy of my home, there are 7 distinct colours in the design : Background -orange, Roof/door -wine red –  Followed by different stripes ( Or ”Different Strokes” An OLD american sitcom following two boys who are fostered and therefore its depicting home, family and life) – mustard, brown, mocha,blue & green. There are 7 people in my house – so its representative of this fact. Its solid striking appearance is bold and stands out , much like each of the individual personalities in my home.

I have used cotton towelling as wadding to make it a decent thickness to ensure it is capable of fulfilling its purpose – I chose not to attach a hanging hook, as I would personally leave it sat in the middle of my kitchen table for aesthetic purposes. It is fully machine washable which is also essential to its design & use.

Overall I am pleased with the result, in hindsight I would have saved about 3 hours of time if I had machine stitched the main bulk and just added hand stitch later for aesthetic purposes, however 7 hours stitching was more my own fault as my hands tend to cramp up, so it takes me a while longer.

When making this style again,  I will measure my pieces more carefully and ensure positioning is on point. As I winged this and mostly made it up as I went along this is not 100% perfect, but it does add to its charm! I would also not choose a plain white background either, this is not going to be a sensible colour for working use in my kitchen.


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