Pumpkins & Crochet

Been sat on tenterhooks since 7pm thursday waiting on my new grandbaby entering the world, It is taking forever!! Having come thus far his poor mum is losing the will.

Having had 5 children of my own,  I really feel so bad for her 😦 On this side of the fence, I have no control and I am excited, anxious, almost unhinged to be honest. My maternal instinct is screaming at me to go look after her and knowing full well I can do nothing to change what will be or how it feels for her, if I could do it I would!

So what do I do to alleviate the feeling of uselessness? Of course, being as baby seems to have chosen Hallowe’en of all occasions to honour us with his presence, I should of course sort him out am outfit, because it would be very inconsiderate of his stepnanny not to do so!

Out come my crochet hooks and approximately 45 minutes later, I have produced a little pumpkin beanie hat.


Having produced my very own ‘make it up as you go along’ adorable hat for the little nipper, noting its a little imperfect, as is usually the way with hand made items,  in hindsight I think I would have used marginally less vibrant orange for the pumpkin lol.  I begin a blanket to go with it, because it might clash hideously with anything else? 😀 WP_20151031_001

I’m hooking away when it hits me, I should go and research baby names, not conventional names of course, being as my stepson and bestie have not chosen a name yet – I could be of help, and what better way to help out than to look up alternative language translations of the word pumpkin??

As we know its a boy I have a guideline, words that mean pumpkin, in another language that could be used as boys names, here are the 5 I found, from a very thorough search of almost every language available:

  1. Czech = Dyne ( I would pronounce this Dean)
  2. Estonian = Korvits
  3. Italian = Zucca ( I keep thinking ‘Grease Lightning’??) lol!
  4. Latvian = Kirbis
  5. Tajik = Kadu (I have absolutely no clue what part of the world speaks Tajik,)
    I go check it out. Turns out it is Persian:
    Tajikistan is a presidential republic consisting of four provinces. Most of Tajikistan’s 8 million people belong to the Tajik ethnic group, who speak Tajik, a dialect of Modern Persian, although many people also speak Russian. – Wikipedia

Having done my homework and thanking whoever made the net , wholeheartedly, for giving us the wonderful ability to use google translate and wikipedia to do random research at 1am;  I thought I would share my new found knowledge with the good people of WordPress, after all, knowledge shared is vital to the world and its education 😀

Now I now this should be completely random but it isn’t actually is it? This post is about my home 🙂 My family, my practical creativity serving a purpose within the home –  In my hut is a finished crochet baby sleeping bag I handmade without a pattern, when I collect it Monday to gift to bubba, I will add a photograph on here too 🙂

When the goalposts changed I was able to breakdown the new guidelines, use it to source relevant information and produce items on demand to fill the need. I am surprised at myself for not noticing that I work this way all the time. My logic may be fallible but it is drawn from a wealth of information. I create without being led, when I crochet, sew or do anything crafty – I research a little into what I want to create and the with an idea of what it should be, firmly in my head, I go away and work out myself, how best to create it.

Home making and crafts, back to make do and mend, the roots are all still well laid in the home or its surroundings, however great technology gets, however we progress ourselves in the cyber world – it always comes back to the use of materials to produce art 🙂

I bid you all goodnight, or morning if you prefer,  and go back to my crochet mission while I wait, rather twitchily,( I know this is not a real word, but I am far too excited to care!),  for news on the wee tykes arrival and the celebration of new life in our family.


And finally hes here ! Joshua Luke was born at 14.04 on 31st October 😀 6lb 14oz and he is the most beautiful perfect little bit of munchiness lol x Now I need more Christmas Stockings! Its going to be soooo much fun this year 😀


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