Anything left?

I am a little blogged out, I repeat a mantra in my head: DON'T LEAVE BLOGGING UNTIL LATER! It really must come out on the day, this is too much to keep up with, I really did not see before, how fast my train of thought moves and dodges off the path! So many different … Continue reading Anything left?


Matisse & Me

Cut outs and charcoal - two of Henri Matisses favourite pastimes, why shouldn't I get stuck in? 🙂 Below is a selection of work I have completed using Mattise as inspiration, roughly following his designs.   I want to try the cut outs on a much larger scale so this is another project to add to … Continue reading Matisse & Me

UPDATE: Beyond the book, dots and dashes.

Off on a mission, I have tonight translated my poem 'Beyond the book' into morse code, just because I thought it might look pretty 🙂 It took ages 😀 here it is !   -…   .   -.--   ---   -.   -..        -   ….   .       -…   ---   ---   -.-       .-..   ..   .   …       .-       .--    .   .-   … Continue reading UPDATE: Beyond the book, dots and dashes.