A final note before the hand-in.

Here we are, a full half term into the course, I’ve made it thus far and I am pleased 🙂

The course has given me so much of myself back, I did not really notice it was packed away. It is so easy to just become the role you have at home and forget your actual worth.

Today I have been in and arranged my space into a display area, work is on display, on the walls, on the table, in my sketchbook or portfolio. My essay is complete and I hazard a hopeful 60% grading of myself and my work.

I am confident I have looked beyond my first thoughts of home. I know there are many angles I did not research, or note along the way. But I feel I covered a lot of ground in the time we were given.

Homeward Bound, is my whimsical, almost fairy story piece, showing home as something that is perhaps strived for, rather than something solid.

Home Incarnate, Is an abstract look at the home without the stereotypical comforts, it instead shows the devolution of a home. speaking about the homeless and the homes that go to waste for lack of commitment or finance.

The sewing room and Make do and mend, –  as most homes are built up with fabrics, I wanted to show this. Even teepees where made of animal hides and sewn together.

The Pot holder, shows the family side, the bustling kitchen and warm food, the happy holidays and heart warming feeling of home.

The Hallway, shows my crazy home, colourful, full of life and cheerful as I can make it.

There are a few works that could go a lot further, a few I just want to pretend are not mine, lol. I have hit on some good ideas and some not so great ones. I have enjoyed working my way to a conclusion, and that conclusion is;

Home is whatever you make of it 🙂

I will be happy when I know how I have actually done on this topic, when I can see where I am and where I need to be. Tomorrow will hopefully bring that knowledge, so that I may progress further. And on that note I will be away, Good luck FdA CAP yr one!


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