The paper trail begins.

A very productive morning 😊 I popped into the local pine store and spoke to the manager who has kindly agreed to aid me in my venture.

Now to draw up some ideas and decide what size piece I really want to be working with.

It must be transportable, and manageable yet, big enough to carry a statement.

Looking through Art Now, Volume 3, borrowed from the library. I have found many inspirational pieces. Ai Weiwei pops up again on page 20 with some beautiful architectural pieces like “Fountain of light”


A sculpture along the same principal may suit a paper project.

I am looking for an independent thought which I can transfer, in my own way, into my finished piece. I really do not wish to copy anybody else and so looking at specific paper artists is not something I will do beyond the need to see how paper art is portrayed and displayed and assess how people interpret the works.

I would like firstly, to attempt a papermache tree, approximately 4 ft tall, I might try to cover a real tree branch for solidity and form. As its a fairly long winded process, I want to get this done early on so that I have time for adapting or discarding this idea.

It would be pretty great If I can actually turn the tree itself into a hat/coat stand.

The idea is the bookshelf base has the tree coming up one side for effect and that I have other pieces strategically placed across the unit. Ideas at the moment include :

A folding sculpture

A fully working paperart lamp


Quilled piece

I would like to include poetry on the piece itself

Ideas to try are:

Origami, Papermache & Quilling I have practised these a little in the past so it will help me now ( I hope! lol)

I also want to try paper folding and sculpting

I really want to steer clear of decoupage. I do not wish to harm the original piece. The idea is that I produce sculptures/decorations, which will compliment and incorporate the bookshelf as a piece in its own right. The manager in the Pine Store is happy to provide me a bookshelf and upon its return, (so long as its not hideous, I suspect the disclaimer says lol) , display the finished piece in the shop window. Thereby completing not only the design side of the topic but also the exhibition/display side too 😀

Now to go hunt down a lovely bit of fallen tree branch to strip and prepare.



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