More research. 11/11/2015

Beyond the Book Weblinks – these were passed to us as suggested research links by our tutor Amanda.

Li Hong Bo – Youtube video of Li Hong Bo’s work

Li Hongbo (Chinese: 李洪波; pinyin: Li Hongbo) is an artist born in China’s Jilin province in 1974. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Jilin Normal University in 1996, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Folk Art in 2001, MFA degree in Experimental Art in 2010, both from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Li Hongbo is best known for his lifelike paper sculptures, made entirely out of paper and glue. His work has been exhibited in museums around the world. – wikipedia, direct except from webpage , accessed on 11/11/2015

Li hong Bo has an utterly amazing talent for using paper, well beyond the book. His sculptures are not only contemporary and individual, but they also require great attention to the smallest of details. He not ony has to create the design but also ensure that the piece will hold itself correctly once complete, this means a lot of focus on balancing the pieces perfectly. Whilst the sculptures are amazing enough in their own rights, he also creates them so that they are manipulatable by the viewers. using a concertina effect, honeycomb style, he painstakingly layers paper 1 piece at a time in order that, once complete, the sculpture flows when manipulated  rather like a slinky. The scale of his work, and the time, resources and precision techniques required to produce them, are a long way from my reach. But it is certainly an eye opening example of the possibilities of paper in art.

Here are some Vimeo video links I have also looked at for research purposes.

Pop up by LILIB – Simple pop up with really intricate cuts to add depth and feeling.

Jeff Nishinaka, Paper sculpture. – This definitely stands out as a very appealing style to try, I am unsure if it will work with book pages, it may require more weight to pull off but perhaps I could stick a few pages together or back the book pages with some thicker paper.

JP.Neang – More pop up art but on a bigger scale, independent, freestanding, paper pieces forming a larger picture.

And here is an advert for Boodles – Boodles – using origami to portray meaning ‘beyond the book’ the Jewellery company have used this advert to showcase engagement rings, stunning cut diamonds mimicked in the folds of the paper.

I see the sub theme dot/dash here too – Dash to the alter, dot your i’s, dotty for love…. Origami Diamonds I can probably do 🙂

Here is the style of artists book that I am interested in- as per my last post, more like Matisse’s “Jazz”

Ana Montiel – Limited edition, Artists book.

I still feel I would like to paint over the pages of the book I choose to use, then perhaps use a mix of paper art to make it striking, individual and bold.

And for Sean 😀 Bicycle Photography

I’m back! lol – I just popped over to view this article online, as suggested by tutor as starting points for investigating this topic. : JULY 5, 2013 Internet Book Fetishists Versus Anti-Fetishists BY RACHEL ARONS

I found this statement below, I thought I would offer my views on it:

Alongside the fetishists and anti-fetishists, Internet literary culture has also seen the flourishing of a third group, one that celebrates books neither as precious physical objects nor as utilitarian vessels but uses them as the raw materials for works of art. The forms are varied—some are sculptures made from individual books, others use books as the building blocks for larger structures, while still others make books the canvas for paintings or drawings—but these projects have in common a way of playing off the near-spiritual aura that many of us associate with physical books, both augmenting books’ specialness by using them to make something beautiful, and undercutting it by ignoring their original purpose. – direct excerpt from online article, through above link, accessed on November 13th 2015. 

So I first thought, as I started reading, that I might be a fetishist, where ‘real’ books are concerned, I do lean towards this title, I crave the warm snugly feeling of curling up in bed with a book in my hands and really getting engrossed in a story, nothing will ever take away the power of the book, it is a different plane of existence. The smell, texture and layout of the book all help to encompass you completely within the realms of the tale inside and, besides all this, books can be so beautiful – an art in there own right, maybe as a poet I have an underlying, intangible respect for the written word. Perhaps because I was brought up to respect knowledge, books = words = knowledge, It may well be a link into someone else’s imagination, it may be truth, horror, fiction, but words can change the world and so we respect them.

On the other hand, I do read a lot online, via Kindle or Staffordshire Uni’s expansive online library, I enjoy being able to read wherever I am and certainly now, I know I can research ‘on the move’ I can meet demands far faster with the power of e:books and literary – for me a big family life to keep up with, it makes things far easier when I need to move quickly.

So I am on the fence a little here, I do not believe that online literature will ever ‘replace’ the book, It is not possible for it do so, at least not in our generation, I am thankful my eldest (16 years old this Sunday), is an avid reader, and indeed, hoarder of books, she would like to be a librarian :), At least I can think that perhaps the new generation will feel the same way. Yes e:books have a part to play in our fast paced modern world where demand is high and time frames are small., but the book is where my heart lies.

Now ‘Book Art’ – My response is hmm, I love it, It is a really great conceptual art form, bringing knowledge and beauty together, and in the right context, I see it as a really awesome way to recycle books which would otherwise be dumped – books perhaps well past their shelf life or physically damaged. However, I am not so keen on the idea of defacing or destroying, perfectly reusable books in order to create art.

I conclude I am totally on the fence, each sector – Fetishist, Anti-fetishist and Book Artist – all have a valid place in the scheme of things, however I dont think anyone needs to ‘choose a side’, as each side of this love triangle, has its own strengths and weaknesses, each one a place in the world today, but also, the future.


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