Book Art Workshop

Tasked with producing a Book Art piece this afternoon, I got stuck right in. I am so much a practical person the the hands on tasks seem far easier and engage me far faster – now, while a lick of paint can be appealing,  actually getting something solid out of it is fun.

Heres my book art project, as of 5pm today,12/11/15,  I state the time because knowing me, it will change as I add or subtract from it over the next few weeks 😀

1st step, to create a stage area.
1st step, to create a stage area.


Double sided tape holds the loops in place, a hot glue gun may have proved easier though, I will try next time the opportunity arises. WP_20151112_003 WP_20151112_004

Say hi to Michaela, hiding in back with her lovely book art piece…. 🙂

I used te hardcover back from another book as a stiffener to hold my upright pages up.
I used the hardcover back from another book as a stiffener to hold my upright pages up.

WP_20151112_15_04_59_Pro WP_20151112_15_05_04_Pro

WP_20151112_15_41_46_Pro WP_20151112_15_41_48_Pro

I mixed a little WP_20151112_15_46_57_Pro WP_20151112_15_47_02_Pro

Book Art
Book Art


Very pleased with the outcome, although in hindsight I think I would only stage one side of the book and not both. I wanted life to come from the book, thats why I chose flowers and animals, having practiced a little with paper art before I was ok getting stuck in, but I drew away from quilling and the usual paper flowers I would make and tried some new ideas, I love the huge ‘lily;’ flower and I was very satisfied with its form and presence, the second flower was meant to be more of an orchid? style but it did not work so well. The butterfly ‘loops’ are great, very simple to make, and they do have an impact.

Tonight; I got all arty, after having to leave my book art in the studio, I thought id have another go. This time I have tried to create a landscape scene :


I used oil pastels to add some colour in, the effect works well as it does not disguise or hide the paper bur seems to enhance the written word. WP_20151112_19_51_28_Pro WP_20151112_20_02_18_Pro

Then I build a cabin, well because every landscape should have someone nearby to appreciate it? 😉 WP_20151112_20_07_33_Pro

I taped the coverless book I was using into a secnd book cover, kindly give to me by Michaela after the workshop, I wanted to use it here, specifically as it has the blue lining, which appropriately works as sky 😀 WP_20151112_20_18_58_Pro

A smaller tree placed next to the house adds a little more depth, however, I need a scalpel or Stanley Knife in order to progress further with the grounds. So for now, this is on the shelf 🙂

As I cannot finish the above and I have the artists ‘itchy fingers’ syndrome tonite, I decide to start paper-mache-ing (  this word has just totally baffled me! I am not going to fix it because, well it just doest matter too much, plus I am quite fond of being a bit quirky 🙂 ) , So anyway, I get stuck in and start covering my 4 ish ft tree branch I found on the local wildlife reserve and after spending 2 whole hours at it – it has ONE layer done! Haha , well , on top of birthday celebrations for my oldest daughter who turns 16 this Sunday, looks like I will be trying hard to finish another 9 or so layers on this beauty! Just what every girl needs for the weekend 😀

WP_20151112_21_13_57_Pro WP_20151112_21_14_01_Pro


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