The Moth Diaries

Beyond the book? Lol, I took this evening/night and began some origami –

I made some books, using two different methods. Firstly ( pictures below) a concertina effect, bound with different paper to make smaller books

WP_20151113_17_59_48_Pro WP_20151113_18_00_15_Pro

Secondly I made a hardback cover from cardboard and then used newspaper to create pages within it.

WP_20151113_20_51_41_Pro WP_20151113_21_12_12_Pro WP_20151113_21_21_38_Pro

In hindsight, the second book was a complete and utter time consumer lol, It took forever and once done I was not 100% happy with the end product, then I hatched a plan!


I stuck the smaller books, in and on top of it … Now I’ll add here, Matthew , my tutor,  said in the workshop, that it would be ”Nice to capture the movement of the pages” I thought ‘Hey , I think its doing just that?!’ bonus 😀 WP_20151113_21_55_04_Pro WP_20151113_22_18_46_Pro

Then, well you know be by now, earlier, I thought id make some origami butterflies, but they looked a bit drab in the pages I used. Well that would be because they are MOTHS !, well now they can come live with my pile of books, because; well – moths like paper???

  • Flash research….

Plague of moths that munched me out of house and home ……/Plague-moths-munched-house-home.htm…

26 Aug 2012 – The moths have cost me my favourite jumpers, hundreds of pounds in …Moth larvae like to eat paper and natural fibres so your books – Taken from Google search 13/11/2015.


About this point in the evening, I managed to knock the 5L bottle of PVA glue, from its perch on the kitchen table-  all over the carpet, ”OOPS” Good job I was in the kitchen 😀

20 mins later and I have a spectacularly clean patch from all the excess soap and scrubbing, that’ll cost me a new carpet in January: Note to self- Put lids back on bottles ( and consider lino?)  lol! WP_20151113_22_21_13_Pro WP_20151113_22_21_20_Pro

Of course, it still wasn’t quite good enough yet, and I remembered a book I was hollowing out earlier that, ( again I was unhappy with- not that I’m difficult to please lol ), I had discarded into the ‘save for later’ pile in the corner; I added it to the bottom of my book pile 🙂

Overall I am super pleased with the results, Its full of interest although a very subtle piece. It looks almost mundane but most of it can be moved to allow the books to be ‘flicked through’ the moths add a little interest and I am confident it is a worthy piece. Also, if I do not attach the base, there is a nice little hidey hole for a bit of a stash – Again; bonus!

I may yet paint the lower books ‘cover’ though, maybe a deep leathery green. Just to add a little something. It still has a few trims to be made but Its currently drying out under a weighty vase as it wasn’t able to hold the shape I wanted.

And that’s how the Moth Diaries came to be 🙂 Happy Weekend !

P.S: if you want an origami butterfly tutorial, click here and paper books tutorial is here, enjoy!


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