Beyond the book, dots and dashes.

I translated the following poem into Morse code, by hand in my sketch book, by cutting paper and sticking to A4 sheet and also via  the PC – only the PC version is complete as the process is quite long winded, but here is the document for your perusal: Beyond the book Morse code

Beyond the book, lies a wealth of knowledge,
a world where anything can be.
Lines and forms – dots and dashes,
taking us away, from ourselves.

Beyond the book, there are truths and lies,
fantastical stories and horrendous crimes.
Things you wish you never read,
tales that give us strength.

Beyond the book, is a place you can hide,
shelter the storm and live anew.
Let me immerse myself in words,
and drown in written dreams.


As ideas are flailing about in my head, sometimes the words that swim around in my brain, long so much to be free, they slip from my fingers. I would like to find a way to include poetry in my final piece, being as the project goes beyond the book and looks at dots and dashes, ( dot your i’s and cross your t’s?) it only seems appropriate that words should be the base from which my work grows.

Out comes the sewing kit, some pages from a book and a purple gel pen 🙂


Firstly, I made a concertina ‘book’ and stitched to ‘bind it. WP_20151114_22_14_22_Pro

Secondly I used cotton thread to monogram the ‘cover’ with a large B.WP_20151114_22_22_23_Pro

I wrote a rough guide in pencil.WP_20151114_22_27_21_Pro

and tried inking over it. Unfortunately the book page size, would not accommodate the poem as I wanted it to be.

So I chose a wider strip. WP_20151114_22_40_34_Pro

Only 2 more paragraphs to go :p


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