Lino Cutting and printing.

Today I discovered lino cutting, and I had loads of fun.

As the day started, I decided I would use a charcoal sketch of a tree I did a few days ago, as I wish the finished print to have a relationship to the module, rather than just go off on a tangent.

Firstly I had to shrink my image to fit the lino offcut –

I traced out the solid outline of the trees form and printed in brown with it , as I wanted some more detail beyond the base coat and with accent, I went back and scraped out lighter indentations to give the tree texture , depth and a hint of reality – I chose a yellow accent as I wanted a natural look without using dark colours. I am very happy with the results and am considering taking this idea a bit further, perhaps I could make a much bigger scale picture.

Also today we had a group discussion, where we all ran through our initial ideas and discussed how they would work in practise, this was productive and I am fairly confident my idea is sound, but it is also really great to hear everyone’s ideas and thought processes.




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