Catch up..

Okay, I’ve missed a few blogs, get ready lol 😀


I was book cutting on Thursday, 19th Nov 2015- to create a tree shape, which worked well – however, it produced a lot of scrap paper, I amalgamated it into a pile to save for later and saw a face staring back at me lol

as a branch in my thought process began to grow-  I am currently papermaching a 3D face onto the inside of a book cover…..

Then, on Sunday, 22nd Nov 2015,  I had an epiphany and began a thought process which stemmed from my earlier poem ‘Paper cuts’ – Self harm. At the moment I am making an array of origami diamonds and flowers, which I want to use in an actual photo-shoot, depicting ‘Love, beyond the book’ It is a personal project I feel ties into both the Beyond the book and Dots and dashes themes and I am eager to make it work. Aided by the fact, I actually have a book entitled ‘Love’  – Here is the Solitaire and flowers chain as of Thursday  27th November 2015- its grown a little since then!

The Book has turned out to be too heavy for the piece in practise, also several people in separate situations suggested I discard it as it detracted from the cascade itself. So I feel a little better about it not going to plan 😀

Currently the chains are hanging from my paper mached tree branch in the studio. I have a collection of things to add to it, including beautiful quilling birdies 🙂 I cannot wait to see them on the branches of the trees.

I’ve had a little practise with quilling in the past, so instead of going out searching for designs I made it up as I went along. Here is my original sketch of how I wanted the birds to look and the outcomeWP_20151129_12_26_51_ProWP_20151130_09_41_56_Pro

Much more stunning than I hoped for !

I have also created a 16 pt star from modular origami –



For anyone who wants to try here are some links to origami / paper craft tutorials I have watched or found to show you how to create similar stuff.

Origami book tutorial

Origami Book shelf tutorial

Paper quilling ideas

Easy origami diamond

Paper rose

And this site here is fantastic! Origami Instructions – It gives clear and simple steps for a huge array of origami projects. and is well worth noting for future reference!





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