Anything left?

I am a little blogged out, I repeat a mantra in my head:


It really must come out on the day, this is too much to keep up with, I really did not see before, how fast my train of thought moves and dodges off the path! So many different ideas swimming round in my head and many are coming to fruition in odd ways.


The first image is of a tree I drew in charcoal then photocopied, as I need the clean base but wanted the smudgey charcoal effect in the background, I was not trying to pencil a poem over charcoal, I look like I have been down the mines every time I pick it up, ‘notes that probably why, Matisse attached his to a stick’ hehe. I wrote my Beyond the book poem, deliberately tailing it off towards the end, as the writer drifts off into the world of imagination. Overall its come out well, A little too dark and dreary for the poem to sit upon but still, it works, you can read it, and the poem is a little dark too.

The second is a quick sketch up of the ‘Beyond the Book: Tree’ work in progress that is currently on the go in the studio. Not looking like I will get in there today 😦 Hey ho, There’s a fun packed day tomorrow , With a big group critique session between us and the year twos, I am looking forward to their input and hoping that it is a pleasant experience and doesn’t leave me feeling degraded or unhappy with my work. Contextually, coming from creativity and not art, I can see huge leaps in my abilities from September until now, but still I know, I am no where near having reached my potential yet.

Next up, Festiv_Alt meeting with Amanda, I really want to produce some printed wrapping paper to sell on the stall, but time is running out and there is a serious amount of work to get done. I would love to make 10 of the modular origami stars but whether I can make the time or not is another matter.

Thirdly tomorrow I have the first of the HE meetings, where I will be representing the class. There’s a few items on the agenda for discussion, Hopefully from 1pm onwards I can get stuck into what I need to get done practically. 🙂

Wait! Remembered another couple of pics I did in photo editing lol !


I love this one above, it was created by embossing and using texture brushes to move or magnify the picture, the original picture is actually’Daydreams’ – can you see the ghostly face to the left of the image? This reminds me of the words in my poem ‘Immerse myself in words’, and ‘drown in written dreams’ The grainy effect of the emboss and texture brushes has lent an air of ‘writing having bee n swooshed about.

erotica beyobd the book 1

Again ‘Erotica; Beyond the Book’ Is texturally altered and reverse embossed. Its drawn out the female figure and I contorted the bookshelf. The grainy effect s pleasant but overall I really dislike the metallic colouring. I think this would make a great Laser cut image though!


‘Phantom’ above is stunning, I simply adore the feeling of death this inspires – not sure that’s a good thought, but hey lol. Its light and airy but dark and sinister at the same time, it has depth, texture, movement – I just love it. melancholy

‘Melancholy’ above, Again,’Daydreams’ is at the base. This time I added colour and form to the piece into a more serene view of drowning in written words. I love the movement and the smoothness, and the simple shape of a lost soul that appeared in the left bottom corner. I would like to see this painted with oils or acrilic so theres another couple of hours gone lol.

And Finally, ‘Mechanics and movement’ Now if I am entirely honest I just did this. A mixture of brushes adding texture, movement and emboss to the canvas, it really is beautiful, although its metallic , it fits right in with the thought of cogs and machinery, but it is not dark and dreary either. I am not 100% sure how I missed seeing the monkey face being produced but I honestly, never even saw it until just now when I looked up at my typing! You know I enjoy a bonus; a little fun in my steampunk style,  with a little Matisse thrown in, make it up as you go a long, art piece :p



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