Lino printing & Lane in Voyer d’Argenson Park at Asnières


Van Gogh.

How could I not try this piece for a lino cutting project? The paintings textures and shapes seem to lend themselves to a printing project and being as I was trying to print from home I got some really great results, the fact I had no roller or any other equipment beyond paint and a brush, seemed to have a secondary effect giving me extra texture and depth.


this ones a bit muddy feeling – but the texture makes it an interesting piece to look at, it also has depth, which surprised me a little, I wasn’t expecting to be ‘drawn back’ into the picture.


The last one is my favorite, and actually its a secondary print lol, I accidentally closed the sketchbook and it transferred to the other side! I’ve used a little charcoal to add detail which was lost and I love the ambiguous nature the picture has, it certainly has Dots and Dashes!

While I was at it, I managed, (mostly because my brains in the park with the fairies) , to create another lino print on the reverse side of this one. And as scatty as I am , after taking all the time to copy out my poem and reverse it using tracing paper, I STILL managed to end up writing the blooming thing the right way round! lol still, it came out great, I was quite impressed! Even accidents can have happy endings 🙂


Again, I made a secondary print, this time on purpose though, I swear !

Having lost a little detail I used a graphite pencil to add it back. I really am happy with these results, especially  nice pieces from a bodged up home job 🙂 I enjoy the fact that the first , backward print looks almost like its a foreign language, It adds a new dimension and inspires further thought.




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