Love evolves.

So I am still wanting to do my Photography  scene with self harm as the topic, but I have not got round to it yet, here’s some ideas I am toying with:


I am following this idea in my head , that the lady is laying on the ground, reaching for the book, the solitaires and roses spilling out around her, while the text from my poem weeps blood from her back where it has been ‘etched into her skin’

I tried food colouring and a cocktail stick and got surprisingly good results and I am looking at other ways to create the poetry. I think I might try a little photo editing and see what happens.

While I was researching into images of ladies backs I was inspired by a piece to go off on an, ever so slight, tangent. Hey, it still includes books ! The piece is now entitled ‘Erotica; Beyond the book’ Here is the piece that I saw and my own sketch :

Well, Amanda, you did say ‘Draw what you see’ LOL!

I worked in graphite pencil and I am actually very very happy with my own version of this picture, I am not sure it is finished, but I am really pleased. I have got some semblance of proportion going on here. Yeah okay the perspective is a little off, but I never said I was perfect! ( Anyway, with a naked librarian at the fore, no one will notice the wonky bookshelf, will they? HAHA)

Anyways, now I think I am a little hooked on Erotica ! My hubby will wander why I have so many naked or, err lets say intriguing, images of women in my files 😀 Honestly hun, its for school.


Okay, be nice,She has clothes on 🙂 . Can you see the fairies coming out of the book? ‘Daydreams’ is a graphite sketch depicting imagination beyond the book, (just be glad I didn’t feel so melancholy this weekend, else there might have been some really scary stuff coming out lol :p )

Overall, I still need a lot of practise, but I am gaining confidence in my sketching abilities. I can clearly see the flaws and I am content to mess with pictures until I have them at a satisfactory level. I will continue on my learning curve and, as the saying goes, it can only get better.

With that in mind, I’ve added birdies and some random stuff to the sketch list, I will leave you with some images:


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