Matisse & Me

Cut outs and charcoal – two of Henri Matisses favourite pastimes, why shouldn’t I get stuck in? 🙂

Below is a selection of work I have completed using Mattise as inspiration, roughly following his designs.


I want to try the cut outs on a much larger scale so this is another project to add to the list. I love Matisse’s projection of life, joy and movement and would like to create a statement piece, which will hopefully, embody these qualities.

Also I want to create my own Artists book similar to his. So I need another sketchbook!

I enjoy the bold bright and chaotic yet charming images Matisse produced, I really feel this is a part of my style and I am digging a little deeper into what made him so carefree in his art. I really must let go the thought, that everything should be perfect and true to life, because on the whole, I much prefer abstract, minimalist and contemporary art – Go figure the logic, why should I be so hung up on producing perfect imagery when I clearly prefer the odd shapes, colour and impact that modern art brings?.




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