Well the Festiv_Alt is on Saturday 4th December and Amanda wanted some prints to create postcards with for sale on the stall.

So I went on my usual mission and printed off some stuff I had on PC. I am very impressed with the results, especially as, early on my printer ink ran low lol, I have a few one of fluky prints that are enhanced by random colour changes due to the colours not blending as they should   😀 as I say in these circumstances…BONUS!

Given that the colour ink is completely dead now, I chose to do several prints in greyscale and I found it suits a lot of the images. ‘Bookman’ 1st below, is my hands down favourite – created by distorting a photograph of a book, sideways on with pages slightly ajar. I love the quirkiness, shapes form and presence. The second is a lino print of a tree printed onto newspaper which, I feel,  gives it depth. the third is ‘Mechanics and Movement’ a picture i created completely digitally which is just stunning, it is full of texture although its a flat image, it has humour, inspires imagination and oozes energy, oh yeah… I just realised, its loaded here upside down… oops!

These are just a few of the selection I printed- Any not used to make postcards will be kept and used for other purposes, some I wanted to see what they would look like printed on a smaller scale and in differing colours.

The 3D Modular origami star below, was an experiment to see if I could produce an alternative wreath to sell – as the Festival_Alt is a alternative Christmas market. However the process of making it and the time allowed were both reasons for not following this further.


I also looked at other quick make projects, alas, realistically there was not enough time to pursue these options further than the research stage,

UPDATE: I went in on friday  4th Dec to aid with the preparation for the art fair.

I spent the best part of the day spray mounting and trimming individual art prints, mine and that of others, into postcards. Unfortunately I did not attend the fair but I content I did more than my share to ensure it went ahead and I am told it went really well and they made a total profit of £40. 🙂


Update week beginning 6th December 2015:

It was mentioned by other classmates who attended the fair and hosted stalls, that customers commented they would like to see other items for sale rather than Postcards, suggestions were as follows:

  • Keyrings
  • bookmarks
  • individual prints
  • wrapping paper
  • greetings cards

This is definitely worth bearing in mind for future project and I would hazard to say, that the following ideas are probably very valid too:

  • Fabric prints , possibly table runners or place mats/ coasters
  • actual art work
  • digital prints for customers own printing uses
  • commissions.




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