Shadowplay & Matisse strikes again!

So I was quilling away, as you do, and I noticed that I was getting some pretty cool shadows from the lounge lighting, so I took some photographs to further explore this idea.


I would like to experiment more with this idea and use different lighting to see what effects I can entice from the paper. However I am not following the idea that this will work as a final piece, it is  far too dependant on lighting and I don’t think it will carry well in an exhibition setting- however the photographs work well so I may just collate a bunch together an create an artists book with the images.


UPDATE : I did indeed create a ‘bunch of images’ I took several pieces to the photocopier during the week beginning 4th January 2016 and used different effects to create a vast amount of imagery which I then used to fill the Book I made myself in the book binding session. Heres a selection of pictures to give you a better idea 🙂

I made an artists book! From scratch , by accident almost and it is bold and full of shape and form that embrace both colour and movement, dots and dashes and art in its most contemporary form. I am pleased with the results, however – in hindsight I should have digitally scanned the images, printed them off and created the book pages using digital prints rather than gluing the cut out photocopies onto the pages of the already bound book. We live and learn.


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