Love, beyond the book.

Who said romance was dead?

Here are 2 separate pieces I put together to photograph for ease in the studio today. The back piece is a cut out piece I made earlier,  and I have just added papercraft flowers made from ink dying my book paper. I find the effect aesthetically pleasing, and whilst it may be a bit chintzy I am pleased with the outcome. Its simple and full of romance lol.


The second piece is my paper mache tree branch. I am currently trying to dangle my diamonds from its branches, as they refused to hang adequately as a piece on their own once I added more weight. The piece is shown here : WP_20151126_14_09_35_Pro Eventually I had to concede they would not make for a viable piece on their own , displayed this way at least and as I had lots more to do, I decided to disassemble the piece and reuse the separate parts for other projects, hence the flowers went onto my bird cut outs and the diamonds went onto the tree….

As a final layer of paper mache I decided I would ink dye my book pages as I wanted a subtle, realistic, weathered look to the tree, at least at first glance. Below are some pics of the process today. I opted to use ink to dye my pages because I wanted the book pages unharmed by the colour, paint may have covered the print and added a texture to the paper I did not need. Not even considering it may have been especially messy to attempt to papermache paper strips which had been painted?

You can see here that the pink roses, are just lightly dipped in sepia ink, leaving some white in tact. The flowers were pre-made so, a quick dip in the inky water created a warm feel, the leaves were made by ink marbling book pages, with a green base and a few random red/black splodges, they look more realistic. I added the flowers to the cut outs as I wanted to mix 2 & 3 D to create fantasy and fact in one image.

The deeper coloured flowers were book pages, torn in half length ways and then soaked in the ink, this produced a much darker effect and covered the entire piece in deep colour. I then loosely gathered up 4-5 separate strips, of still wet soaked page, into a flower form and used cotton thread to secure them in place. I wanted these flowers to be less intricate and more of an ambiguous design.

Note: Wet inky paper is really fairly pliable and easy to manipulate. I have another experiment to try with this method!


The tree is not yet finished but its coming along nicely. I dislike the quilling birds on the branches though, they are far to delicate and easily lost upon the structure, I’m toying with filling the tree with blossoms. The intention is that it will eventually, be full of hanging solitaires though, so I do not want to end up with overkill.

Another idea is to create a tree stump and place it beside this  ‘live’ tree, so that I show, life and death beyond the book.

Also while I was creating origami diamonds and flowers, i mistakenly made a batch using different book pages. The colour difference was harsh with the pieces i am using on the tree being stark white and the other ones being discoloured and aged. These extra parts would have gone to waste, but I had a better idea :





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