Recycling, beyond the book.

Here’s my attempt at ‘let it go’ art:

I tried some paper rolling ideas out this weekend, Firstly I tried with newspaper – I rolled the paper then flattened it out and rolled it into a circle – I didn’t like the untidy effect this gave, it was difficult to keep the paper neat whilst rolling it up. I tried folding the paper instead which worked much better and held the shape I wanted neatly.

Below you can see, I have folded book pages lengthwise, in half, 3 times to get a thick strip approx a cm wide x length of the book page. Rolling the strips individually I have created circles/swirls and stuck each together in a random pattern.


Continuing until I used the entirety of a 450+ page book. The end result is solid structure which can be wall mounted, stood ( with a brace) or hung.

Overall as a test piece, this has come out really well – I would like it to be bigger, and I am toying with the idea of making a waste bin, using this principle.

For the moment I am out of book pages at home, so I will continue working on this idea tomorrow in the studio 🙂

UPDATE: I did not get to the studio, but carried on working from home,  nearly through the second book I found now, and I actually think its done! I stumbled across an unused canvas, and painted it out with emulsion –


I’ve attached the whole piece to the canvas for a few reasons :

  • Practicality – the piece was simply too heavy to stand alone, I was wary of it taking weight if I hung it; although I could have used a balancing act I wanted a striking piece that was not reliant on props.
  • Depth – I enjoy the added depth it gives to the piece itself, it creates a nice contrast and emphasises the parts that extend from the mount.
  • Transportability – It allows the piece stability  in order that it may be moved, without too much concern, into the studio.
  • Flexibility – Although I prefer it hung, as in the second image, it allows rotation of the piece to suit the viewer. The first image is of the piece ‘ upside down ‘ but it is equally as striking to look at.


Now that this piece is complete, ( I think ),  I went on to do a bit more research to see what other paper rolling/folding art was out there.

PINTEREST – paper art

While I was looking through, I stumbled across a reference to Anastaassia Elias – A French artist, who is making art out of, or rather within, discarded toilet roll tubes.

laboratoire Anasaassia Elias Laboratoire – Anastaassia Elias

I am unsure how she gets the small paper cut outs, to stick in the tubes so precisely and firmly, I can guess it would be slightly slitting the first of the two layers that a loo roll tube has and then using a tab on each image – this way she could use tweezers and ‘tuck’ the tab into the slice. Feel free to look through her Artists page, it is published in French, but it can be translated, and the possibilities are only bound by her imagination!

Anastassia Elias




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