Random paper art.

After looking through the paper art ideas on Pinterest, ( link in previous post), and having such great success with the last project, I took inspiration and produced a few mismatched pieces of my own :

Paper mache covered vase, exploring uses of paper mache and practising application. Overall a decorative effect which will become an item used decoratively in my home.

Above I covered a plain glass vase in torn up book paper, mostly for my own benefit as it was pretty uninteresting and I didn’t want to throw it out when I could make it more of a feature, next step is to create paper flowers to fill it with 🙂 UPDATE 09/01/16: In a much earlier post I was making flowers from wet paper and noted I had another idea to try, seeing this vase still sat in the studio and happening to have an ink bath still waiting to be used, I carried out my plan :

I had seen dresses and other clothing, made from paper and whilst I was moulding my flowers, I realised that the paper was much more pliable and dried in a more natural form and in a less stiff way. I used the idea to create a ‘dress’ around the vase, and the extra paper I had left – I let dry, moulded around a plastic cup. the results were most impressive, the pleating is far more relaxed and the added dimension of colour from the ink dye is welcome. The secondary project created a paper pot and both items produced are both delicate and useful in a decorative way.


Exploring Paper rolling techniques and applications. The scale was too small to work with this any further but I am confident the technique was sound and that a bigger scale model would have potential as a decorative piece. Time does not allow further work on this idea.

Secondly I made a small, rather wonky birdcage , okay, its too small and the technique needs perfecting, but the principle is simple; I believe given the time I could actually make a decent sized one of these.

I made a random ‘nest’ effect in this session aso:

Originally the intention was to lay it flat and use the ‘circle’ to hold a battery operated tealight, however, I displayed it on the hall wall to better see detail and rather liked it hung. When I went to buy a battery operated tea light today, I couldn’t find one! ( That would be Sod’s Law), No matter, I found some blue led string lights with about 12 lights on them, tada! I think overall this is a much better effect as it gives a more artistic distribution to the light and shadow effect, and they allow for it to be a mounted piece as well. I may however, have to hang this with string or make a more sturdy mount as at the moment its precariously holding on by the ‘twigs’ – its fallen once today already and I do not want it damaged.


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