Market Research – Analysis.

Upon receiving  only 6 usable responses from our questionnaire to Book Art Artists, Manufacturers, Publishers or Retailers, I realise this is not enough of a base with which to work.

I started thinking about what I actually need to know in order to move forward. What WE need to know as a group. Here’s the answers, or questions lol, I came up with.

Do people know what Book Art is?

Who buys it?

What types of Book Art are more popular?

What do people want to pay?

Where do they buy it?

So , with these questions in mind, it stands to reason that any retailer of Book Art, would know their own customer base and sales figures. But do I really want too know how they conduct their business and how good/bad their sales are? or do I want to know how to raise interest in Book art??

Well of course the answer is the second.

If I want to know how best to design, market and sell my product, I go to the consumer, not the retailer. Simple logic I feel, but nonetheless a pretty odd logic not to have seen a week ago. :/

Okay, here’s  a very simple, hopefully 5 minute questionnaire for the general public.


  • Gender :
  • Age :
  • What type of Book Art interests you?
  • Would you buy it?
  • Where would you want to buy it?
  • What would you expect to pay?


Nice and simple. Quick, concise and easy to collate later! For example I will complete one,


  • Gender :     Female  (They can leave blank if they prefer , M  or F is fine as an answer)
  • Age :  36  ( or just a 20’2 30’s 40’s is fine)
  • What type of Book Art interests you?  ( you might need to explain a little or give examples if they are unsure)
  • Would you buy it? Y or N –
  • Where would you want to buy it? example answers Amazon, Highstreet, Artist Fair, other Specific Sites.
  • What would you expect to pay?  £10 £20 £30 £40 £50 +



If each of us can take a copy of this very brief questionnaire, ( copy and paste to word, email or Facebook). If we all can get 5-10 people to complete it, and hopefully bring it back to Wednesday, 16th Dec, mornings lesson; we should have a decent supply of research that will help us build a better picture of how the general public feel about book art and how best to create, market and display it.


UPDATE  10th January 2016 : Whilst I believe this would have been a very useful market research tool, I unfortunately suffered ill health right at the time this should have been initiated. I am regrettably forced to shelf this idea as time will not allow for the broader spectrum I had hoped for. Eventually we did get 8 usable responses from the E:mail and so I have used these as a base for my analysis. Here is my Powerpoint presentation, summarising my research findings :  Design and Market Research Analysis

Also here is a copy of the replies I was working with: Market Research Responses



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