Exhibition options.


After researching into the Book Art module specifications and the We Love Books competition, I have moved away from the idea of using actual furniture and/or displaying my work in the Pine store. Generally I have come to see my art become more of an aesthetic piece than a useful one and therefore I would like it to stand alone, away from furniture or ‘homely settings’. With this in mind I opted to produce pieces which were, not only artistic and exploratory of the topic, but also displaying an impact beyond that of an everyday piece. I chose, in effect, to create Art for Arts sake rather than for a purpose.

As a group it was looked into displaying the final pieces work collectively, possibly in Marks and Spencer’s store in Longbridge. They are offering a large space within the Staff section, where our work would be protected from the elements, stand alone as Art and be viewed by any and all professional visitors to the store. This suits my new interpretation better and so I will join the group in a collective display.

The second option was to display our work for one day only, on the platform of Longbridge train station, whilst this would again provide a completely independent Art view point, it would also create a lot of possible dilemmas – such as the work being open to the elements as it is outdoors, transporting the items to the station would require exposure to the weather, which is fairly wet and windy at present owing to it being January, as would it be exposed all day. As most of our work is created from paper or wood, it would be impractical to consider displaying the items outdoors, as the risk of them getting wet or blowing away would be a fairly obvious and likely threat. Also because of the public nature of the platform, and the chance of deliberate or accidental damage of the work while it was on display, it would also require the supervision of the work throughout the time of its display. As a group we discounted it as an option on account of these facts.


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