A last minute production. Or two…

I’ve taken some photographs today,  of work on display in my hut, just to recap lol. And I found a piece or two that may be undocumented, I have tried so many things this module that some pieces have just got away from me, been damaged, or just not recorded!

Note to self : Make sure you draw a map of where your train of thought leads you. Mostly I think they where by product pieces to come out of something else, but I’ll fill you in as we go.


The smaller A4 Matisse style cut out, above, was made from left over book paper and was a ‘quick project’, The Juggler below, is documented somewhere lol – but his photograph is much clearer here so I thought I would share.


Some nice pictures of my hut in all its glory, WP_20160111_10_46_41_Pro

Below: The larger images here – on the left hand side of window, are products of the initial photocopier session with ‘Recycling- Beyond the Book’ Also in this picture are two Orgami budgies I made, somewhere along the line and forgot about. Oops.WP_20160111_10_47_01_Pro

The picture below, is another fluke piece, made up from left over book pages after a project. the backing paper was sprayed with spray mount and i sprinkled book pages shavings to create a Galaxy style picture, I decided to make a mini narrative piece with it though, I have mixed illustrations from book cuttings and the ‘text’ is just right for this piece, the entirety of it being made up of Xxxx’s and grammatical effects. I call it ‘Mystery- Beyond the Book’ and I think this title suits it rather well. Its ambiguous, interesting, monochrome and inspires a vast amount of interpretation. WP_20160111_10_47_23_Pro

Below : A much clearer photograph of the Lino print I did of a Van Gogh piece. these two where made using a roller and acrylic paint in the intended manner, rather than my slapdash home attempts. The effects are bold and striking.


Nudes : Beyond the book, is below, I created this piece using watercolours and I was purely practising. However I enjoyed the overall outcome and decided it deserved a place on the wall. I loosely created an image of a Harem using dots and dashes and tried to steer clear of detail altogether.WP_20160111_10_47_47_Pro

Below is a paper cutting exercise. I have cut out sections of the paper to produce a stencil. I used the stencil to add detail to an ink marbled piece, they are both displayed together on my hut wall.


Below: a random quilling piece mounted on preprinted paper – dot/dash WP_20160111_10_48_48_Pro

Another random piece, an empty loo roll tube owl, of course 🙂 I know I made this fairly quickly as a prototype for Festiv_alt stock ideas, but the idea was scrapped.WP_20160111_10_48_55_Pro

I was kindly gifted a handful of strands of raw silk by Rachel, and I popped them, absent mindedly, into the paper pot I made last week, the effect is that it now looks like a trumpet style flower, a lilly or orchid I suppose.


And I hope,sincerely :),  that that is the last of the forgotten pieces. I have enjoyed this module tremendously, I am indeed a sculptural artist and I have had lots of fun with the practical work, even though there have been some rather frustrating moments lol. See you tomorrow for the next brief! 😀


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