New Horizons. Response to brief.

New Horizons, A broad enough title to which many ideas can be attributed or considered.

My Initial idea was to create a sculptural piece from recycled materials, ideally I would like to use Art Nouveaux Style – The reasoning behind these choices are simple – Art Nouveaux or “New Art” incorporating the rebirth, or recreation of rejuvenated materials.

The second idea, is to use a high vantage point, within the college, in order to create a photographic journal of the continuing redevelopment of Longbridge. Ideally the photography needs to be taken from the same vantage point once a week over a period of 5-6 weeks. This will not only allow me to document a small amount of the construction as it develops, but also should give me a clear view of the horizon in the process, I am confident the two together will make exceptional photography subjects and I am looking forward to the process and results.

I will pursue both pathways and examine the outcomes, in order to assess which would be more suited to the final exhibition space.



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