Chinese New Year.

As a group, we were approached by the Student liaison Officer – Ishia , to aid with the Chinese New Year Celebrations in the Street, on Monday 8th February.

As its hand in week, we were a little short on the ground with bodies to produce much. We did come up with some fun craft ideas and ways to engage with the public. We will provide ready cut paper so people may make things like these:

Some illustrations are being drawn up by the more illustrative of us, which will be available to colour in, and there will be some more activities incorporating the theme. We also will have some postcards to sell, As Sean kindly offered to make some with the pictures he has of China Town. As we have a couple of weeks to get the crafts side sorted there’s no concern we won’t be ready.

Seeing how disappointed Ishia was that she didn’t have a Chinese Dancing Dragon, I decided to make her one…which hopefully she can keep and reuse for future events.

I took this on myself over the weekend, as we have no studio access and its difficult to meet up as we all live so far apart and most of us don’t drive. I brought home a few things like tissue paper and corrugated card, but mostly I have used recycled materials from around my house and come up with this :


As he required a skirt in order to finish the sides and cover the person(s) holding it up, but again this will need to be done in the studio on Monday. And here is the skirt :

IMG-20160118-WA0001 1

Yeah that’ll be me on my knees sewing the neckties in place 😀

Overall, although he’s rather crafty rather than arty, I am pleased with the outcome, and in this instance, craft was simply the required way to build it up, certainly in a short time period. He took a total of 3 and a half hours to complete and is still drying. I have used:

1 cardboard box, 1 shoebox, wire mesh , papermache, tissue paper, self adhesive felt pads, corrugated card, a plastic biscuit tray, wool, garden green ties, PVA and printer ink. Although it will require a little superglue too.

Here is a gallery showing the assembly process :

And here’s the update:

The event went well, we (Natalia, Joy, Marie, Rachael & myself) Helped set up the tables, and we littered ours with postcards and colouring books for sale, a ‘create your own’ Chinese fortune game, colouring pictures & pens, and a make your own Chinese dragon craft session. It really was good fun.

Finished dragon on display in The Street @ Bournville college:






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