Sculpture in practise…or practising

The fun begins! The idea is to create a sculpture from wire and recyclables.

I start by ordering a large stock of wire, florist tape, loose pearls, strung pearls and diamonte pins and some air drying clay, ( I know these are not recyclables, however, as they aren’t actually commonly accepted as items required to produce a sculpture, I am going to roll with it).

As I was following my nose when sniffing out materials, I felt rather like a magpie, I chose silver plated copper wire lengths of 20m as I preferred the silver overall to the dullness of the copper, ordering only a 0.40mm gauge, as I am new to this product, I had in my head it may not be strong enough to hold the shape and I considered ways to enhance the stability without having harsh thick wire, I concluded that beads, slipped over the wire and packed tightly, should, not only provide the extra stability but also another dimension to the piece in its entirety.

I bought pearl beads, as I felt that pearls held a more natural appeal to them than that of cut glass. I contemplated wooden beads very seriously as wood, would convey the portrayal of mother nature, but as pearls are also created naturally, they won.

Upon arrival, I realised that the wire was rather a lot thinner, than even I, in my innocence, had imagined, so a thicker gauge has been ordered.

Not one to be dissuaded, I had a play about the the thinner wire and made a simple piece that I had to keep. For me it showed a beautiful sunrise, reflecting upon the horizon and leaving shadows in its wake:

WP_20160119_20_41_22_ProWP_20160119_20_41_33_ProWP_20160119_23_05_57_ProAbove I also produced a quick and simple miniature version of the idea I have in my head, which came our rather well. I enjoyed the shadow images so much I sketched some :

I also created a head piece, made using 0.40mm wire and odd beads & pearls I had in my possession already :


A simple yet striking design that I am confident embraces the Art Nouveaux style.


Once my thicker gauge wire arrived, I started to create Whiplash curves with it, and as my pearls have not yet been delivered I was left with bare wire staring garishly at me. On my way home, I happened across some Catkins and I thought , yeah! Catkins 😀 So I set about entwining them around my wire frame, much more interesting!


As I had a lot of the thinner gauge wire and an idea in my head of creating a female figure, I went a hunting for materials and came across a heap of spacers in my jewellery making kit, and I thought hair! of course. Now I know this is a little rudimentary but I did create a shape which was more or less what I imagined it to be…


I have now ordered a soldering iron, my aim is still that I would like to create a reasonable sized sculpture and I am unhappy with using wire ties and although I tried super glue it became much to difficult to use and had terrible results, including not sticking and discolouring my materials.




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