Chinese Whispers

Visual communication, its history, its cultural impact on our modern world, the way we communicate and understand one another. At the fundamental core of our souls we have to communicate, through sounds, pictures, gestures or touch, our very existence as sentient beings means we have to keep learning and its much quicker to learn through others and their failures and successes and without communication it is only possible if you can sit and watch.

Throughout the ages, logs have been kept, in one form or another, memories, dreams, facts, hearsay and heresy alike, have been etched, drawn, spoken, written, read, seen, translated, redrafted, the communication of our ancestors is key to our survival now.

How much of it has been lost in translation? Misinterpreted? Forgotten? Amended or just thrown out as irrelevant? How much of what we ‘know’ is truth? How do we prove it is truth?


I created a piece this evening, called Chinese Whispers, this contemporary piece has been created by using wires, pliers and air drying clay. In its very simplicity it communicates how a simple set of instructions can be interpreted many ways:


To create a face you need a brow, following down to a protruding nose, which goes in to a mouth and back out into a chin which curves back to make a neck… the same pattern of movements creating different face shapes as I work with shorter then thinner wires, almost as simple as DNA working to create 10 billion different ways to create a face, communication at its core, instructions to create people, creating a myriad of forms and faces that are rarely the same.

Life = communication, even down to the DNA that creates you. Communication = interpretation, and to each his own.

6 Individual pieces becoming 1 simple statement piece – In order to progress, our very communication methods have to perpetually evolve, perhaps faster than we do.

Discussing this piece with Adam, our support tutor, it was suggested I tried photographing the silhouettes or a different way to show the idea, such as blind or constant contact drawing, I took this on board and went away to try, however, photography never got off the ground, with being ill and not attending, I simply did not have the ability to access the studio or camera and mine is simply not up to the task.

Overall, the results where okay, but understated, I had difficulty with some media such as paint, as the need to collect paint at certain points disrupted the flow, pencil was okay, as pen would have been, the most dramatic effect was from the page painted with yellow acrylic paint then the blind drawing added in with Oil pastel, but still very boring, we all know I love a bit of colour, and now I am thinking I just don’t like the lack of it here. I tried blind drawing with string and that was better but for more on this, go here .


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